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Obession/confession – Clothing (1)

by on August 23, 2013

Hey guys!

I just discovered that I seriously seldom come here to check out my wordpress account, whereas I update my facebook, my tumblr, and my twitter (among others) so much more often [maybe the other one that I don’t use as often is my Google+]. I do apologize, but now, I think I have found a pretty nice way to use this.

For those of you who have me on Facebook/twitter/pinterest even, I have recently started browsing and ‘liking’ a lot of clothes from this website (among others lol, but mostly this website [for now]). It started awhile back when I started to follow Michelle Phan‘s facebook. She shared with us this one particular article about skirts. I think that even my closest friends might not know this, but I have a thing for skirts. I like seeing them on TV.

So confession time: Secretly, I’ve always kind of wished that I could pull off a skirt or even a dress.
[aside 1 this might actually date back to the time I watched Sailor Moon. I mean, who doesn’t wish she could be a Sailor Scout and fight evil?Β end of aside 1]
[aside 2 can you really blame me for wanting to feel girly from time to time? end of aside 2]

What made me recently fall back into it is a friend and co-author of mine [check out her art! Support artists!], who referred me to this reddit article and I found this calculator based on that also.
I don’t know why, but when I read Michelle Phan’s article, I just kind of assumed that by looking at one in the mirror, one could discover one’s type. Boy was I wrong. Depending on the calculator, depending on the ‘ladder’ that you use to compare yourself, it can change. Just compare Michelle Phan, the calculator and the Reddit article together. See how different some of them are?

Anyways, I think even my closest of friends have only seen me mostly in hoodies and jeans when we weren’t in our school uniforms. The reason behind these were simple: they’re comfortable and they fit the image that I like of myself. However, I find that my mind likes to wander and ponder on whether or not… say… this skirt, would fit me enough. If I should take the chance, buy it and see if I dare wear it on occasions.

But it clashes so much with my usual style that it makes me wonder if I should take the leap, you know? For a few days now, I’ve been obsessing with skirts, dresses (i.e. things I don’t wear at ALL). [aside 3 I’m browsing through the ones I find are pretty and ‘envy’ them in the shop and/or go to pinterest and check out clotheslines. Truthfully, sometimes, the only thing stopping me from going into a frenzy (and possibly regret it drastically later) is the fact that most of them are REALLY expensive and that I’m a cheap, cheap, cheap starving person. end of aside 3]

On one hand, I feel like perhaps I should. Maybe it would help me build something better than where I am at, professionally speaking. Would it also make me feel comfortable and professional enough to assume my position in society? [you know how they say that clothes can enhance your personal self-esteem and also be used as placebo to psychologically cure some of your insecurities? What? I’m the only one who understood that?]

On the other hand, I’m scared of losing myself. In the sense where I don’t want to lose my ‘original’ style (hoodies and jeans). I feel comfortable in these and, despite them not appearing quite professional, I feel at ease when I wear them. I don’t want to become like those superficial or preppy girls on TV or in movies [I know they’re just characters and that they’re caricatured, but hey, can you blame me for naming those?]. I do understand that it’s probably exaggerating, that people don’t just ‘lose’ their identity just because they change clothing styles. And I also understand that I don’t have to have a distinct style, that I can totally still wear my hoodies if I still have skirts and dresses in my wardrobe… it’s just… if I keep that mentality, I’d probably never even wear the dress in the first place…

Anyways, those were my thoughts of the day.
Tell me what you think/how you have been since the last time (last year) that I have even posted here. πŸ˜€

= I’ve linked my facebook, twitter, tumblr and path with my wordpress. This will PROBABLY (most probably) spam you, stop following me. I’m still tweaking around the system of wordpress, so don’t be surprised if things change from time to time, hahaha.

= I am still going through this obsession with clothes, so I’m TOTALLY probably going to post more things about clothes I like and stuff through pinterest and stuff…


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  1. Then wear them! I doubt you will *suddenly* turn “preppy” from just wearing skirts. I can never imagine you being super girly and preppy.. SO WEAR WHAT YOU LIKE!!
    Actually I guess I can kinda understand you. I’m scared of drinking coffee because I’m scared of getting addicted to them and not be able to function without drinking a cup every day. But still, I’m 110% sure you won’t turn preppy on us. πŸ˜›

    • Hahaha, yeah! The same goes for me with coffee and also, the reason why I do not drink alcohol is because I’m scared of being addicted (same goes with cigarettes). Also, those are bad! DON’T DO DRUGS! πŸ˜›

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