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Thoughts/Obsession – Books/Reviews (1)

by on September 9, 2013

August 30th, 2013

Dear people!

How are you all? Good? I’m glad :). I’m regretting making this blog my main blog, because I have so many things to talk/rant about [mostly rant], how will you guys sort through all the things that I want to discuss? And then, I should also keep in mind that there’s probably no one reading these rants [then I’ll just write for my future self!] LOL. P:

Most of you (probably) already know that I’m not a very good ‘critic’. Depending on my mood and depending on whether or not I’m biased, I can like and find something positive to say about movies, books/novels, anime, etc.

Lately, however, on Goodreads, I was asked to review a novel for an author, and after I read the novel, I thought: How do I review this? Because I don’t want to ‘hurt’ the author by pointing out all of the flaws I found in the novel, but I also don’t intend on just saying that this book is worth reading to everyone, because it will appeal to people! Depending on the genre and writing styles that they like, I guess…!

My sister referred me to this post by an Indie writer, and I found it most helpful when I wrote my harsh review to the author. Obviously, pointing out the flaws one by one is not helpful enough. You have to write it so as to be constructive for the author, but also to appeal to the people you recommend it to. That’s gold. In this particular article, she also arguments that we shouldn’t sugar-coat the reviews that we write.

So anyways, I’ve decided that practice will be my guide. Because surely, as I go along writing reviews, I’m bound to find a better style of writing that suits me, right?

And thus, I have decided that I will be writing reviews on some things. Practice, practice, practice until it makes perfect. I won’t be accepting to do reviews for novels anytime soon though, as I’ve already started 3 novels and haven’t finished them yet, and also because I feel bad for the first Goodreads author… I’ll do better! I promise!

So, what have you guys been up to? 🙂
How is school treating you all? 🙂

See you another time! 🙂
(* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )”>(* ˘⌣˘)◞[_]♥[_]ヽ(•‿• )  – Ponyout!


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