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Obsession – Quizzes (4)

by on September 29, 2013

Quiz title: Which disney princess are you?

You are Belle. A true princess who sees the good in people and looks beneath what someone looks like. You see a person by getting to know them and you have many true friends that you know very well. Just like Belle, you will always choose family over yourself and love forever

Uh. This quiz was a bit too easy to guess.

The multiple answers were easy to guess (oh, this one must be this princess, it must be that princess!). Another thing is the fact that it only has 4 princesses out of the whole Disney princess roster. This is a blasphemy!

Nevertheless, I expected I’d get Belle. Out of the other princesses I guessed were there, Belle is the one I relate to the most, so…!

What about you guys? What did you guys get? Or who would you guys rather be associated with? 🙂

Me, there’s Rapunzel (from Tangled) and Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and that’s about it I can recall. I don’t like doing chores, so Cinderella’s out of the question. Likewise, I don’t cook, so Princess and the Frog (Tiana) and all the other princesses (oh gods, I’d be one of those witches in the forest, cursing everyone, wouldn’t I? Great idea for a story!) are out of the question too. XD

Well, I’m ‘ponyout’ P:


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