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Obsession – Superheroes (1)

by on October 10, 2013

September 29th, 2013


Ponyta says HI!

Hey there!
How are y’all?
I’m good, thank you for being so polite!
I’m currently recovering from a cold (or some sickness), and I’m trying to get back on track (for school, obviously, and also for other things), namely, my obsession posts.
— As I’m writing this, I even realized that I didn’t take my medicine this morning (dangit for inconsistency’s sake).

So, as you can see from today’s title, I’m going to be–

Wait, wait, Ponyo!



Um… YEAH! Like I said on my Review blog, it’s not at ALL a secret that I LOVE superheroes, so really, the question, my dear readers (I’ll just ‘assume’ I have readers), should be:

What the hell took you so long to write one, Ponyo?!

Hm… Good question. It’s the… no, or is it the… wait… Wow, I seriously fail to know. It’s that inspiration to write the post, I guess I should say? The… motivation to? Or rather, the will to procrastinate doing other things that are tedious (not that writing posts isn’t tedious)?
See what I mean by being inconsistent?

[ASIDE, please skip this]

Oh, maybe the inspiration comes from this…!? There was this one guy, Christopher Jones (who does AMAZING art by the way) and whom I follow on Tumblr also, posted this one link, it’s about a show of which I’ll be posting a review (one of these days). If you’ve followed my Tumblr or even on my Twitter or Facebook for the past two years (I think), you’ll know that I was OBSESSED with Young Justice. So when I saw this trailer, I had a tear rolling down my cheek, nostalgia flooding right back into my very soul (What, Ponyo? Shhh just… Let me be…) and, mixed with all this sad emotion, joy.

Joy because someone else than me still loves this show, because of that one sentence that they said:

The show NEVER leaves you.

[END OF ASIDE, please start reading from here]

Anyways, that’s enough for my tearful confession.
I love superheroes. Is it weird?
No, well, I hope it’s not weird…!

I love them so much, that I’m NOT willing to go and read all the comic books (BLASPHEMY, PONYO! Shh, come on, just… let me be, all right?!) of a certain series, even if I really truly did like them. Why? Well, it might be the price, and that I’ve never gone buying comic books before [despite this, I buy mangas from time to time (INCONSISTENCY ALERT)]. I think that I don’t like how complicated some storylines become.

[If you don’t know what I mean by complicated storyline, try to keep up with this. If you do understand, please, skip this]

So, Issue #1, this guy (let’s name him A) is going out with this girl (B). He’s a superhero and everything and he fights with supervillains [G, E, H, etc.] in his town. In this issue, he’s fighting with Supervillain, named E, and he’s losing. He’s losing pretty bad so far. And the comic issue ends with the cliffhanger: will A lose to E? What exactly was that bright, bright flash at the very last panel, with a background of B and E‘s mask super-posed together about? What the heck is going on?!
When the next issue (Issue #2) is out, we grab it and read it, finding out that the beam/flash must be some kind of flash-backwards in the story, and we find out that A is going out with C, and that he still has superpowers, so what gives? Curious, we continue to read as C escapes death many, many times (because of the supervillains E, G, and H (all separated attempts on her life), but she was saved thanks to her superhero boyfriend, who always somehow manages to save the day). The issue ends without any blast except that the question of What gives, man? still remains (I mean, A lad and B lass are supposed to be boyfriend-girlfriend! WHAT GIVES!).
And, the next issue (Issue #3), we’re still with A being all lovey-dovey with C, whom we know shouldn’t even BE his girlfriend because from the bottom of our hearts, we ship him with B, who somehow, in the next two issues (Issues #4-5), is actually a stuck-up b*tch who despises not only C, but A at the same time. And eventually, B becomes a supervillain who goes by the name of E. The issue ends with her revealing to us readers that she’s been E all along.
Issue #6 is basically a filler-issue. B/E reveals also her origin story during the next and WHY she became a supervillain in the first place. It ends with her seeing that there’s no justice in this world and that society is wrong. She wants to become a supervillain in order to rectify things and make people realize that they need to change [I’m inventing as I go along, so if there’s any inconsistency in the plot, just… cut me some slack, I’m not going back to this freakishly long paragraph just to correct things]. This issue makes us sympathize with the E part of her and make us want to cheer her on [despite her being a stuck-up b*tch at the beginning of Issue #2], and secretly hope that she’ll kill C, whom we’ve never truly liked, and to hook up with A and they’ll team up together and will be the Dynamic-est duo. The issue ends with her setting out to find A and kill him for representing such a wrong society. If you analyze it greatly enough though, you will somehow discover the clues that the author (me, Ponyo), decided to place clues around that will tell you exactly what she fears to utter out loud, what she truly needs: love (oh gods, Ponyo, why are you SUCH a sucker for romance? I don’t know, I just love the idea of ‘love’, mostly because it’s pretty far from reach in my case, I guess). And seriously, if B could spare some time from her justice-seeking and just go and experience loving someone and being loved, she’d probably realize that she would well have a pretty less-depressing life than out there in the world, risking her life to conquer the world [the-power-of-love-motif-plz, Wow I’m so corny that I surprise even myself. Also, wow, is my subconscious trying to send me some kind of message?].
Issue #7 is another filler-issue where we focus mostly on C. C who is really not so much of a bad character, but we know, again, deep down, that we never liked her because we were biased because she basically stole A from B and we dislike her because of that. We learn, from flashback, that she used to be a superhero, named F, and that she lost her superpowers while attending to people’s injuries. She was attacked while protecting a classmate from the blast of a villain, G, and eventually defeated her foe. However, she (F, are you confused yet?) gradually felt her powers fading away. She was while on patrol when she eventually caught wind of a new superhero in the vicinity. She was glad because she was starting to feel worn down by all the pressure of being the only superhero in town, with a bunch of supervillains running here and there. She was attacked by G, who had escaped from jail and blasted her while she was flying around. She fell down and felt the last ounce of her powers leave her. She was about to be defeated when suddenly, someone comes to help her out. The last panel reveals that it was A, the classmate whom she had saved, and who had recently been bestowed the greatness of her powers. It’s revealed that after that, he thanked her for saving him, and asked her out because he’d always been admiring her (both as a superheroine and as a classmate) (start the sequence of the lovey-dovey scenes).
Then, when we pick up Issue #8, which, they’ve announced, will be the last issue of the whole series, much to the authors’ grief, but the company that paid them thought that the series was getting less and less fans because, let’s be honest, there’s too much love theme in this story and there’s no way it’ll be very popular, besides, right now, the kids apparently LOVE comedy genre much MORE than they love serious romance genre stories, no matter that the series is targeting as much the young adults as the kids in question [lol, you can tell I’m still bitter], so we’re expecting some kind of explanation for everything that we’ve spent money on. Anyways, we see the final scenes of the battle that ensued in Issue #1, not only because the authors wanted to waste less time drawing out the panels but also because we needed some recapitulation, after all, it’d been a few issues since the time we’d seen that battle. And then, after the strange panel where we see both the B‘s face and E‘s mask, we see that the masked supervillain had been unveiled: it had been B all along! GASP! A drops and says he can’t believe that his girlfriend was the supervillain. But how could it be? Because right behind him, the person he’d been protecting all this time had been B, and he glances at her and sees that she’s still there. He doesn’t understand, and neither do you.

And the Issue #8 finishes like that, without anymore explanation.

In real life, the mob of angry and disappointed fans are restless and petition, but the company stands its ground and refuses to sponsor the comic any more. The mob transforms into petitioners and asks everyone they know to sign a petition that asks the company to release at least one more issue. The company still refuses. The angry mob fly in to the company’s headquarters in attempts to boycott the whole company for this one series (and others that they have cancelled) and, finally, because they were getting too many hate-mail and threats, the company shut down and the authors refused to divulge what they had planned for A, B and C, though they agreed to tell one adamant fan of G what had happened to him: E had killed him. The fan eventually broke down in depression and became a writer for another superhero company herself and works on an appropriate ending she eventually sent to the authors who decided that their project, left unfinished, SHOULD have the proper conclusion. They started a kickstarter and eventually, Issue #9 was published within two years after. Why-are-you-still-reading-this-plz-but-yeah-if-you-email-me-I’ll-tell-you-what-happens-in-Issue-9?

(Okay, here comes the disclaimer: I didn’t base this storyline from any comic books in particular (how can I? I don’t read any), but from a third-party-observer with an obsessive a more than mild interest in the matter, that’s how complicated some of the stories are! So do you SEE my point (actually this might be a pretty cool story if I factor in some more awesomesauceness. I might write something like this one day, hahaha)?

[All right, people who (now) know that storylines can be epically tedious to follow]

Anyways, I love to learn about superheroes from cartoons, games, movies, and Youtube videos. There exist also people who review the comic books, I follow them and get a sense of what’s going on in the many (too many) storylines they put out. If I’m very interested in the series, I say, YAY and I go and do some research on them and watch some more videos on the Youtube and read more and more on all of the Wikispaces, Wiki pages, Wikipedia and whatever other mediums I can find out more on.

And it’s in that sense that I say I’m obsessive. I will research until I’m satisfied that I’ve absorbed some of the data/information.

What makes those people wearing tights and saving people so interesting, Ponyta?

Well, I don’t know how to answer you.

I love the fact that we can relate to the stories. Superheroes (or rather, their stories) are sometimes the reflection of what the society is, its values and mostly, its problems.

My favourite example will be about how Red Arrow once had to deal with drugs; he was a person who was addicted to them. Making the sidekick go through the process of rehabilitation not only gave society insight on what a druggie goes through, but it also gave us what the Arrow family went through to help out the young hero.

There’s also a certain appeal to the fact that people can gain super powers from being born with them (X-men for example) to receiving them from a third-party (Captain MARVEL, for example). In a perfect world, it could happen to me some time. There’s a plethora of superpowers I’d like to have, but there’s also some things I wouldn’t want to have.

For example, I wouldn’t want to have Superman’s powers (the fact that he’s THE superhero makes him somewhat more difficult to relate and make it too easy sometimes… Sometimes, when people know that Superman is coming, they just leave without causing a foofaraw (look it up) and sometimes, that’s disappointing to see. His powers are simply so marvelous that in order for him to lose or rather, almost lose a match, you would need to create MEGA SUPER super villains.

Before you ask me questions about this and that, I want to point out once again that I don’t KNOW 100% what happens to all my favourite heroes. I just know the headlines of a few chapters of their lives, thanks to Wikipedia, fandoms and reviewers and find my favourite ships in the cartoons and tv shows that they make.

Have I ever told you that I love crossovers?
When brilliantly done, it’s a mind-blowing concept, and nothing works better this line than the MARVEL Universe and the DC Comics. They just make it happen so well in certain cases. It makes you wish you were at least a mere CITIZEN, being saved by at least ONE of these superheroes would trigger the OMG-I’M-NEVER-WASHING-THIS-HAND-THAT-ANT-MAN-SHOOK-AGAIN in me, hahaha.

I also have a few friends who like superheroes like I do. The ones that bursts most in my head right now are Piplup and Growlithe.

So, in short, if I had to ‘qualify’ my being a superhero fangirl, I’d probably say that I’m a mild obsessive sort (I know the difference between MARVEL and DC Comics, and, it took me some time, but I know the main differences between a lot of them (example: Black Cat vs. Cat Woman, or Wasp vs. Bumblebee).

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m both a MARVEL fan and a DC Comics fan, but that’s subject for another Superheroes Obsession post, hahaha, I feel like I’ve written too much already.

So, what about you, people?
How have you been?
Do you like to read superhero comics? Would you recommend that I start reading? Why? Give me reasons that will make me sway!
Do you prefer MARVEL? DC Comics? Why?
Who’s your favourite superhero? What is your favourite superhero team?

This was ‘Pony’, and I’m-out :3


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