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Obsession – Quizzes (5)

by on October 29, 2013

Hey again people of the Internet!

Quiz title: What do the Avengers think of you?

Element: Ice
Occupation: SHIELD Agent
Fighting Talents: You try to keep up with everything… swordplay, gunplay, martial arts… just so you’re prepared, but you’re not an expert at any.
Power: Telepathy- use your full brain capacity to read minds, manipulate them, control objects…etc…
How you got your power: You became a test subject for NASA: Testing new elements safe to breath in space. One had a nasty effect.
Who would you date: Loki, Clint Barton, Tony Stark or Steve Rogers.

What they think of you:
Nick Fury: At first when she was hired (after her bad experiment), her respects came politely, then when the Avengers came… I saw the real her. *smiles* she reminds me of well… me! She hates commitment and red tape, especially when it gets in the way of progress. She’s got enough respect to keep her in her job. ___‘s adaptable, and flexible to change. She makes a great agent because of her way she can keep secrets, not that I’m bashing her powers or anything. At least I know we won’t have a problem if she’s tortured by the enemy.
Agent Maria Hill: I know she’s a good agent. She probes everyone, and doesn’t quit until she finds what she wants, but she doesn’t have enough respect for the government! I can’t tell you how many times she undermined Fury’s authority… Even if it did turn out better than planned…
Agent Phil Coulson: ___ really is a very caring person, but being her boss I see another side of her. She hates thinking about being on time, but I can expect her to be earlier than most. She sometimes has a lack of follow on certain projects, unless she’s passionate about it, then you’ll never get her to stop! She has quite the yin and yang personality.
Natasha Romanov: I can’t relate to her well… I see her as cold and unemotional when she’s around me, but Clint keeps telling me how much fun she is. I know one thing though… She’s very good at subtle manipulation, maybe her powers have something to do with it. I just hope she isn’t doing it to Clint.
Clint Barton: ___ and I are good friends! She’s quite the schemer! I can’t tell you how many pranks we’ve pulled on numerous agents at SHIELD, but the avengers get the brunt of it. 🙂 She’s pulled a couple on me too, and I vow to get her back! She makes a great agent! She’s fast on her feet, a quick thinker and you can’t keep a secret from her. The only thing I wish she wouldn’t do is get so close to her enemies… Like Loki. I know she gets bored and likes interesting company, but still…
Tony Stark: Well, when I was first introduced to her, she was cute, yes but… boring. Until she started hanging around us! It’s like her personality did a back-flip! When you got her to open up, she became quick-witted and charming! I love to banter with her, and throw a few flirts in there… *smirks* What do you expect from me? Surprisingly she flirts back! When she has free time, she hangs around and helps me with my suits. Her hands are so nimble when she works! It drives me crazy! One thing bugs me though… She can plug an ace of hearts a mile away, yet she despises guns? I’ve got to find out why!
Steve Rogers: ___‘s a good friend! I guess you can say I’m the only one she truly opens up to… I get out her emotional side. She is so perceptive and tuned to others vibrations, she can tell when one of us is feeling low. She gives good comfort and is so caring and devoted to those she loves. She once told me she’d give her life for us… because she considers us such good friends… I didn’t know what to say!
Bruce Banner: When she hangs around us, I see her true side. She know how to communicates well in almost everything… I can’t get her away from my lab at times. I don’t know why she’s so interested in my work, even if she doesn’t fully get it, but she just sits there and listens! She takes the mystical path to problems, which I don’t really mind… It’s nice to have a bit of dreamy around.
Thor: *smiles* Ah, yes… The fair warrior, ___. She is stubborn and very clever. She is also very interested in Asgard, my home. I am always glad to share my adventures with her. *laughs* You can just see the childish excitement behind her eyes when I get to a battle… She reminds me so much of my brother before he changed… I miss his old self when I’m around her.
Loki: Agent ___ has power. A power that cannot go unnoticed or unused! Though even without her powers her agile mind is constantly searching for new adventures. I must say, for a mortal her beauty is of the gods! Youthful curiosity is highly prevalent in her character, and is quite the expert at subtle manipulation. I found myself being pried for information about my life in Asgard multiple times. I dismissed her sharply when I realized, and she snapped right back! It is no wonder SHIELD made her an agent. Though even with all her training, she cannot hide what her (e/c) eyes reveal. She has fear: of me I know not, but it is there. I see her tremble when in my presence, knowing she isn’t that steeled agent that everyone thinks she is! Yet she still comes back! It’s a passionate, complex, and emotional clockwork that drives her… And I must crack her puzzle!

Uh. Wow. That’s a huge result to read [I corrected a few typos here and there, too]… and some of it isn’t even true! Despite all that, it was funny to read about everyone’s expressions. I feel like maybe it sounds just like the characters from the Avengers.

Now TECHNICALLY Avengers would only encompass: Thor, Ironman/Tony Stark, Bruce Banner/Hulk, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Natasha Romanov/Black Widow and Clint Barton/Hawkeye. OR if you go the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes path, you add to that Black Panther, Antman and Wasp (and then you add the other Season 2 cast).

But I understand the point of view, so I won’t complain too much.

What did you get? 🙂

Pony-out :3


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