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Obsession – Quizzes (6)

by on November 29, 2013

Hey guys! Here’s to new quizzes!

Quiz title: What will be different for you this school year (for girls)

Sorry to say this but you are excited to boss people around. What can I say? You like to be in charge.

This is partially a good thing you are wiling to fight for what you want. My advice is to keep others in consideration.

Wow. I didn’t expect this answer! Am I really that bossy?
Actually, I guess I am MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA *insert evil laugh and evil theme song*

Because this answer is so short, I’ve decided to add another quiz:

Quiz title: What is your flirting style?

Before taking the quiz: For rizzles, guys, guys!! I don’t really know why I took this quiz. I think it’s because it was one of the top rated ones? My predictions were that I probably have no flirting style because I don’t really know how to act around guys I actually do like…? Actually, how do you know if you like a guy or not? What really stops me from ‘flirting’ would be that I don’t know if I like the person or not, if that makes sense? XD

….You don’t flirt.
Like, at all. If a guy/girl likes you, then they like you, but you would never be the type to laugh at a joke if it’s not funny or anything like that to make someone like you.

After finding out the result: Holy snaps! Did you see that? I don’t flirt! That’s a fairly, fairly good guess I did there, AWESOME!

What did you guys get? [I keep saying ‘guys’ but mostly, ‘girls’ too! I’m not sexist!]



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