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Quickest post ever written

by on December 3, 2013
(Mostly maybe because I have written the same kind of message on my Tumblr). \

December 3rd, 2013

So, guys, how have you been?

Frankly, I’ve quite missed you all (whoever you are and wherever you are). If you have been wondering, I have been writing for the month-long and international event called NanoWrimo, and I’ve been stressing to finish my story on time. This year, it was my second time participating. I had heard about it before (when I was in College, by fellow writers), but I thought many things and last year, when I finally got the guts to participate, I debunked those very things.

  1. Do we have to publish our works?
    1. No, but if you want to, why not?
    2. You should probably polish it first though, remember that it’s a first draft. XD
  2. Do we have to share with others what we’ve written so far?
    1. Not really. You share with free will.
    2. You talk about possible scenarios for your story and other people can answer.
    3. You can also answer to people’s questions and worries.
  3. Is it shared with others?
    1. Not at all, you just put a synopsis, an excerpt (optional, I think), and then, you just have to update your word count every day (I did it at least ten times a day, just in case).
  4. How will I ever reach 50 000 words in 30 days’ time?
    1. You would be surprised how, under the pressure, you just write! And it doesn’t have to be completely GOOD either, it IS a draft!
    2. What kept me going was also our Municipal Liaison and my buddy list.
      1. Our Municipal Liaison posts challenges (Plot Challenges, Theme Challenges, Word Challenges) to add in a relevant way in our works. It helped me because I kept thinking that I wanted to go as far as I could with her challenges.
      2. My buddy list [Shout-out to Mewtwo, who was able to complete the challenge even before me, and it was her first year too, a VERY good first year, I would say!]. I’m a pretty competitive person, but I’m also very passive.
        1. I wouldn’t be able to summon my competitivity in, say… Pokemon battledome, where you compete with others and prove that your chosen Pokemon, your Training and Strategic Skills are indeed worth the Champion status.
        2. But I would see how well my friends are doing (heck, even everyone in our district), and it would motivate me into surpassing what I have right now, to at least match my friends and fellow writers, to move our region forward.
          1. Yeah, every year, there’s this word count scoreboard by countries. Every year, it seems like Germany and London have been winning… :< I would like my region to be at least in the top 10 one of these days… (Ah, to dream!)
      3. My music also helped me? I don’t know. I noticed that, both years, I listened non-stop to Kingdom Hearts OST. Just the fact that it was adventurous, that I knew the songs (and the worlds they relate to) and that there are no lyrics to sing to (I guess), pushed me forward? If you look at my palmares, you’ll see that I don’t lie, I realized today that I REALLY listen just to that, hahaha.
      4. It also helped that I had already planned the story. I had this year’s idea while I was writing last year’s idea, and I’d written down the main ideas *cough* Don’t-Say-Anything-Char *cough*

Anyways, I came here to brag also (OMG). I promised myself, this year, that I would do better that last year’s NanoWrimo. Here are my graphs.

I started pretty weakly XD

I started pretty weakly XD The first week of December will be dedicated to writing my exams and submiting my final projects (yeah, it was tough to juggle both work during the weekend, school during the week and writing all throughout, but I managed for two years now, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s.

This year's graph was better, though I *DID* slip up those last few days because of an assignment I had to hand in  (PLZ)

This year’s graph was better, though I *DID* slip up those last few days because of an assignment I had to hand in (PLZ)

So all of this (OMG Is this even a quick post written?) to say this: I will be back for this blog on other thoughts and obsessive things (I discovered a few things XD).

And my reviews blog will still be continuing its scheduled reviews. I’ve finished a game (yeah, I even had the time and leisure to finish a game) and kept myself up to date with the shows I’d been watching (Yeah, I don’t know how I had the time to sleep [arguably, Piplup can attest to the fact that she’s been going to sleep much earlier than I], I’ll probably hibernate this winter) so I’ll be doing reviews about those.

With this, I leave you guys, see you soon!


P.S. I’m looking forward to my Winter… even though I’ll probably spend it PROCRASTINATING… I was participating to this year-long thing with Goodreads: Read as many books as you can during a year: and I kind of promised myself that I would read around 50 books this year… (yeah, I’m not even half-way there… so this month will be dedicated to READING-READING-READING xD).

[also, if I can try and put some works up for CanonD and VELPIa, it would be awesome, but let’s be honest, I’m setting my goals way too high (reading, writing, polishing, drafting, drawing), let’s just settle on: “Try to do at least two of these things…” XD ]

What are your plans for the holidays?


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