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Obsession – Quizzes (7)

by on December 29, 2013

Hey guys!

As you probably all know, this is written beforehand, but this post will be released 4 days AFTER Christmas, so I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

Quiz title: Your Personality Color

Before reading even the quiz questions. I’m hoping to get ‘pink’ as you should know, I love the colour pink. It’s my magical go-to colour when I feel down and even when I feel happy. I don’t think it affects my personality but… who knows? Let’s see the results…!

While you may not exhibit all the character traits of a personality color pink as listed here, if pink is your favorite color you will find yourself somewhere in the description. You may also find you exhibit some of the negative traits, particularly when you are stressed.
Having a personality color pink as your favorite color means you are loving, kind, generous and sensitive to the needs of others.
You are friendly and approachable with a warmth and softness others are drawn to.
You are the nurturers of the world – you love to give nurturing and to receive nurturing in return.
You have a maternal instinct, with a need to protect and take care of others. You also have a need for this caring to be reciprocated as you do tend to neglect yourself in your determination to take care of the needs of others.
You are very much in touch with your femininity – this includes men who are in touch with their feminine side.
You are romantic and sensual and sensitive.
With your optimistic and positive outlook on life, you see the good in everyone.
You are methodical and organized, although you can sometimes be rather flippant when the immature girly side of pink appears.
You are refined, reserved, calm and non-violent which may give the impression of shyness.
You have a naivety, sweetness and beauty about you which can become girlish and immature in some.
You have a youthful appearance, even into old age, looking younger than you really are, even to the point of looking dainty, frail and vulnerable.
The challenge for you is to become more self-reliant and to learn to love yourself, then love and acceptance will be returned to you multiplied.

Wow. I didn’t really expect that. All you had to do was to choose your favourite colour. This will then reveal to you what your favourite colour tells about your personality. Like. I. Said. I didn’t expect that.

The things I crossed mean I don’t think it applies to me, in case you’re wondering.

Hey, I’m interested. What did you guys and girls get for this quiz? 🙂

Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS (and a HAPPY NEW YEAR too) 🙂

Merry Ponyout!


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  1. nikitaaxx permalink

    Of course i mentionned you, youre the reason behind it

  2. Hahahahaha. It’s because I have nothing else to do. Hopefull next week my schedule will be unblocked and I’ll have less time to review things. 😛 (And I think it’s funny I haven’t written a review you can read, unless you don’t plan on watching Dexter 😛 )

    • Hahahaha, it’s true actually, I haven’t read the posts because either I don’t want to be spoiled (Sherlock) or I don’t watch the shows (Dexter) XD

      • Niky permalink

        And you haven’t started watching Teen Wolf. (BOUUUUUH) 😛

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