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Otome Games

by on February 14, 2014

February 1rst, 2014

Have I wished you all a “Happy Lunar New Year” yet?
Well, my people of the Internet, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
I hope you’re all doing fine, because I am too!

Today is a day where couples (well, not especially in my area anyway) display their love for each other and it’s all mushy mushy and everything… Today is the day, at the risk of losing everyone I don’t have who is reading this, I’m going to admit it: I play Otome Games. 

It started a few years ago [with a friend called Skitty], but Andrea couldn’t play the games without glitching, so I stopped… until very recently, when I underwent my Facebook purge [have you noticed how my real Facebook account disappeared from the Facebook world, people? Didn’t think so…], I was thinking of applications to play with Nessie… and then, I realized that I could now play Otome games!

So I jumped on the occasion and took the first game that I found: Office Lover. I’d like to specify that it was in a night of insomnia and that I hadn’t realized how very inappropriate it sounds when I say it out loud or even when I type it down.

This is an aside [please skip down below]

There’s no secret that I believe that I have enormous men issues [note to self: maybe write something about that ]. This can be due to:
– Something in my background that caused this;
– Seeing relationships crash and burn and it’s traumatized me more than I care to say out loud; 
– An awfully idealistic view of romance and love [which is so ironic]. 

I picked this obsession up because… I guess it could be because I’m obsessed already with mushy mushy romance stories? Or… rather…

Perhaps it is also because… The fact that any kind of person could ever take a romantic interest in someone as flitting and eccentric as myself is so implausible in real life that I need to get some love elsewhere? 

This might sound sad (read: quite pathetic, I think Charmander might say: “What is your life?” in an incredulous tone [I still love you, Char]), but note that, for me and my seriously serious issues, that’s the safest route! Think about it: 

  • You don’t have to feel hurt if you end up with the scenario where he rejects you [because of your answers], since you already know that he’s just a fictional character.
  • You also don’t have to be hurt if he ever cheats on you because, as far as I can tell, the characters weren’t programmed to cheat on you. [also, they’re JUST fictional characters, so it’s not as bad as if it was a real person who’d cheated on you]
  • You also don’t have to get out there and have real dates because it’s dangerous outside and people have drugs and knives AND pick pockets at will. 
  • If that person smokes or drinks, it doesn’t have a secondary effect on you, since you see them from behind a screen! No secondary smoke health issues! 
  • You won’t risk changing your personality. 
  • You won’t have to interact with men if you have, like me, anxiety of talking to them in real life… (I stutter, lose my thoughts easily, etc. Do you know how hard it is to practice when you can’t even utter a coherent sentence?)
  • And many more I can’t think of for now…! 

Man, I’m more and more aware that I’m going to become an old woman who belongs in a crazy house. 

Note that any disdain or cynicism I may have for love and romance isn’t because I’m not into it. I ship fictional people together, for goodness’ sake. I ship real life people together too. I have friends who have married and have children, I have friends who have found their significant others and I can say sincerely that I am happy for them. 

But… somehow, that life doesn’t seem like something I can take, that’s all. It’s not easy to let go of something that’s ingrained inside of you, and it’s not easy to open up when you’re so scared of the unknown. 

— But I want to point out also that I’m open to changing my ways — but my significant other is probably in for a roller coaster ride XD 

End of the aside. 

The Otome games that I’ve found so far are pretty harmless… Although I’ll admit that they can sometimes make me blush [as much as I can with my “complexion” anyway] or ‘Eep’ [a really sharp breath intake] in shock/surprise, but otherwise, I haven’t seen a scene that I would classify as vulgar (and I do rate easily things as vulgar).

Anyways, these games function almost the same as a gamebook [‘Livre dont vous êtes le héros‘, in French, as I’ve learned to call them] and has multiple scenarios. I’ve always been attracted to those books as a kid. They were quite entertaining… and I’m sorry to say that I skinned my municipal library of these books [meaning I finished reading all of them]…

The storylines are usually all right for most of them [I’ve only played two so far, so I’m not an expert, Skitty is], although I doubt the stories aren’t the reason why one would pick up such a game.

The art styles range from pretty good to gorgeous! They really depend on the companies who release the games, I think.

The platforms (or consoles?) can also range. I mostly play on either Hiba, Nessie or Andrea [or used to]. I hear there were Otome games available on Mac Computers, PSP, DS, 3DS, etc.

Anyways, the point remains that this is the closest I can get to an intimate relationship with a guy (even though it’s a fictional one).

image – Don’t Judge Ponyta, I’m only human! – 


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    wow u have no life

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