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Clothing (2)

by on April 10, 2014

March 6th, 2014

Hello, my people!
How are you all doing? I hope that this post finds you in great shape and that you’re not falling into the despair that school sometimes brings. There’s light at the end of the tunnel! And if your friends cannot bring you out of it, well the Internet is there for you, buddies, the Internet is there!

As you can guess from the title of this post, I have fallen once again into the clothing. You all know [by now?] that I have this obsession (it comes by phases) of clothes. My friends Mewtwo and Charmander have impeccable taste when it comes to what they wear, and me, I’ve mostly kept to hoodies and other more comfortable clothes.

Recently, my friend D (she’s the author of Quickening and Skiagraphia, if you’ve read my review about those, or rather, the reviews are coming soon on my Review blog), told me that she’s rather into wearing clothes that make her look like she’s cosplaying.

…Call me ‘influence-able‘ [because I am], if you wish, but…

It made me realize that me too, while I wasn’t able to pinpoint a name to it, I liked those types of clothes (much to Charmander‘s disappointment, and my own mother’s [mom, I’m sorry], I will admit). This post is not as much about ‘girly’ clothes as it is… about… clothes that are almost cosplays.

This post is designed to help me fight the temptation of grabbing my creditcard (I have that, now!), and buying the clothes that I wish (and later get scolded by my mother for not having made the right choices), also, it is to share this addiction with you all.

Background information about me: I’m a terrible cosplayer in real life. You see those people who have brilliant cosplays because they’ve worked on it and they’ve planned everything and they have such dedication for the art (because, surely, Cosplaying is an art)? Well, I’m the OPPOSITE. I don’t really aim to change this habit (yet); I know my limits when it comes to these things.

Anyways, here they are… the clothes that I’ve recently been dreaming of being worthy of wearing one of these days.

Exhibit A

Look at this beauty!

During the Winter Olympics 2014, I have seen the Canadians support their country by wearing this: And I must say that it is simply GORGEOUS (of course, it’s not that difficult to fit my needs; I like long coats and if they present a hood, even better). It doesn’t necessarily scream “CANADA” unless you know the Mounted Police and you know exactly what it is, but…!

[I’ve never hidden the fact that I’m Canadian and it’s very natural (for me anyway), that I would root for Team Canada (and I’m very proud of how our athletes performed during the Olympics, I followed avidly all the events that I loved the most; Figure Skating and Snowboarding and a bit of Skiing *cough* I should shut up about this)]. I also rooted for other countries (like Slovakia, for Ice Hockey, and Misha Ge for Figure Skating, to give only two examples).]

This outfit is sold at The Bay and it is presently in clearance, HOWEVER, I find that the price is still pretty heavy on my wallet. During the Olympics, it was in the 200$, so I guess I shouldn’t complain, but now, it is 180$!! I entered the contest to win it on the official Olympics website (for Canada), but I guess I didn’t get it, hahaha. *falls on the ground and cries a little*.

My sister bought the mittens to support Team Canada, but I wanted the coat. When I asked my mom about it, and she made me  realize that I actually have a lot of coats already, so… it breaks my heart, but I had to let go of my dream of wearing this coat one day, hahaha.

Exhibit B

While I DO NOT play the games of Assassin’s Creed, I find the designs of the costumes incredible!

Here’s an image from UbiWorkshop, in Montreal (which is so closeby I could smell it, but maybe that’s the muffin my seating neighbour is eating next to me).

How incredible is this?! How extremely awesome is this?!

I think that if I bought this, I’d wear it a lot! I just have a thing for hoodies, and this IS a hoodie!

[the only requirement I don’t know whether or not it means is… the warmth (because, here in Canada, the weather is very cold whenever it gets cold, so it is always nice to have hoodies that are very warm (then, I wouldn’t wear it all the time, only during the Fall and the Winter). From the stats found on their website, I’m guessing that it is pretty warm (but I can only assess if I’m presented physically with the outfit, because I have no knowledge when it comes to stats for clothing…)]

A downside to this, and it will be a downside to so many of the clothings that I like, is that it is quite expensive (for me anyway). As you can see from their website, this hoodie costs pretty much 160$. While I know that it goes in the production, the fabrics and everything, I cry because my wallet [I don’t think I need to finish the sentence, you all feel me (right?)]…!

Just when I thought that this was over…


Today, while browsing on my StumbleUpon, I found something even BETTER (almost).

*sigh* why am I doing this to myself? WHY?! WHY?!

The problem with coats that are WHITE in colour is that where I live, there are a gazillion causes that can dirty it, and I am a klutz when I am too careful about certain things (just ask Hiba, Nessie, Andrea, WaDe and even Sealia).

As the author of the article where I found it at mentions, this coat is very pricy. If I found that 180-160$ was too much, what makes you think that I’ll buy a coat that is around 300$ in price? Now, now, don’t go hating on me. I know that the artist puts A LOT of job in it, I just don’t have the money to buy something as awesome as this, and I’m just mad at myself for not being able to, that’s all… geez.

The website of this artist shows even MORE awesome coats that are sold. *sigh* ONE DAY! ONE OF THESE DAYS!

Anyways, I’ll stop doing this to myself (I’ll try to, that is). People, why are you all just so awesome?!!?!?!?!?

On this last note, I’m gonna just… leave now… See you next time for another clothing post!



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