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Obsession – Quizzes (11)

by on April 28, 2014

Quiz title: Are you smarter than a 16 year old?

Before taking the quiz:

You scored 8 out of a possible 10

Hooray, you passed the dreaded C threshold, meaning Ofsted inspectors won’t turn up at your house and go through your bins. Not this time.

On my defense, the first questions ever, I just decided to wing it and approximated (I didn’t get it right). Then, by the last question, I was so tired out of my brains that I decided just to let it be an answer: “Googling it right now”. (obviously not the right answer). XD
Well, I’m glad, I passed the C mark and made it to 80%. XD
I think I AM smarter than a 16 year old. XD

Quiz title: What Pokemon are you?

Well, this should be obvious! I’m PONYTA!

You Scored as Gengar

You are an Gengar, You like to sneak out at night to summon your dead family members at the graveyard so you can scare people until the sun comes back up so you have to go back inside to wait for the next night…

Gengar – 100%
Snorlax – 75%
Slowpoke – 75%
Vulpix – 75%
Persian – 63%
Ditto – 63%
Mewtwo – 50%
Electrode – 38%
Togepi – 38%
Pikachu – 38%
Tyranitar – 38%
Machamp – 35%
Charizard – 25%
Steelix – 25%

After taking the quiz: Well, I didn’t think I’d be 100% Gengar.
Wow, I’m… partially pleased with this (and partially very disturbed). Also, I’m convinced there’s a mistake somewhere! Where ARE the pokemon?! The questions were fine, there were so many possibilities that I didn’t even guess all the pokemons (though anything with ‘cloning’ is obviously Mewtwo and everything with ‘muscle’ is Machamp xD).

You can always try it out!



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