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Obsession – Quizzes (13)

by on June 28, 2014

Hello guys and girls–  AH!
How have you guys all been? This is the thirteenth post that I do about quizzes, and thirteen is a bad luck number! GASP! >.<

How are you all doing? Let us try and get this over with so that we don’t have to be unlucky!

Quiz title: Which DigiDestined are you?

I’ve watched the first seasons of the Digimon series (Digimon Adventures 1, Digimon Adventures 2, etc.). The character I loved the most, both because of her Digimon and because, as a kid, she was a model for me, and I could strongly relate to her fears and her personality, was Sora. The second character I loved the most was Yolei, she was pretty cool also.
I’ll answer this as honestly as possible, and we’ll see if I really am, hahaha, who knows?


You scored Yolei! You often get worried over things you needn’t too and usually overreact. But you are a good friend to everyone, especially Hawkmon.

Joe – 88%, Izzy – 88%, Yolei – 88%, TK – 75%, Tai – 75%, Matt – 75%, Sora – 63%, Willis – 63%, Mimi – 63%, Davis – 50%, Cody – 50%, Kari – 25%

Me? Disappointed?! Pshah, yes. I mean NO! I am not!
But hey, who can blame me? I loved Sora as a character, and she was my idol as a kid! But… you can’t always get who you want, right? At least I got Yolei, right?

Not only that, but I DO overreact to things and get worried very often. Why else do I fuss over the fact that my posts should always be as well-spaced apart as possible and that I always make sure there’s coherence between them? (I may have a touch of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder though).

I guess that, for the same reasons, I scored very high for Joe (from Digimon Adventure – Season 1), and the reason why I scored so high for Izzie (Digimon Adventure – Season 1)… is probably because I value knowledge extremely highly (so I wasn’t very surprised to spot him in my high scores, to be honest. I’m also surprised to see that I resemble TK, Tai and Matt more than I resemble Sora! Should I be concerned? WAIT, a second… NO, I can’t be overreacting to these things!

*falls on the ground and cries* I’m never going to escape Yolei, hahaha. OTL

That’s it for me today, but, guys/girls, as usual, what did you get? 🙂

Also, do you miss Digimon? Or am I the only one who loves the first seasons so much and wishes she was a DigiDestined?

(ノ´д`) Ponyout! (ノ´д`)


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