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Clothing (4)

by on August 8, 2014

March 6th, 2014

Greetings to all of you!
How are you faring? I’m still here, writing posts because I don’t feel like working on my assignment (I’m providing a very bad example for you all, please do not follow my lead, I promise that I’ll go and do my research as I was supposed… AS SOON AS I’M DONE WRITING! *cough* ).

Before you get on my back for posting the fourth installment of my clothing obsession series only now [I’m paranoid you will, I guess], I’ll give you a reason: I’m scheduling this post for August because I deem that, during the summer, I’ll have other more… summer-like obsessions to write about, and that clothing that are knitted are more worn during the Fall and/or the Winter (I could be wrong, but I’ll remind you that I’m a fashion disaster, so don’t take it to heart, I just don’t know these things).

Leafeon and Flareon have recently started to follow a fad that I’ve been somewhat following (indirectly through my StumbleUpon), awhile back; knitting.

I’m aware that, using knitting, you can make many things, but I’ll still put this as a “clothing” posts, just… BECAUSE.

My grandmother taught me how to knit with needles (is it called ‘needles’?) when I was in elementary school. However, I sort of stopped due to the academical workload, and maybe because it was very difficult. Also, as my grandmother was no longer in my household, it was difficult to find the motivation to. On the day that I write this, I’ve lost all skills in knitting, but not the appreciation for seeing things that are knit and/or seeing people knitting.

When Leafeon and Flareon came back home with various knitting tools like the knitting looms, I was shocked. In the span of a few days, they had knitted many things, including hats and scarves. I’m very impressed [and I’m sure that, if they send their work to my grandmother, she would be very proud, too].

And then, I found out that Noctowl has quite the skills, too, when I told to her about it my recent ‘addiction’? She knits using crochets, because needles are difficult to use (I cannot agree more).

What’s even funnier is that last week’s (or this week’s) episode of Tonari no Seki-Kun (also known as Seki-Kun: Master of Killing Time), an anime I’ve been avidly following since its beginning in Winter 2014, presents Seki-kun as KNITTING, using the crochet, a cactus! How FITTING is this?! Is the universe telling me that I should take back my needles and apply myself to this? Haha, I don’t know.

Yesterday, while I was ‘studying’ for the third midterm that was supposed to be the final midterm-beast of this winter 2014, I found this scarf [Puff Stitch Cowl] that was incredibly well done and made me wish I had some sort of skill and patience for these things. Let me show you the video. This girl is very patient and explains very well, too!

I have a thing for hats, coats and scarves. Perhaps it is my Asian-blood-in-Canada, which makes me long for warm clothing during the winter and gear that can protect my head from the deadly sun in the summer, but I’d love to be able to knit myself something like the scarf that this girl does.

Like this obsession with hats, coats and scarves, so many things are about practicality with me, and I have bought or have obtained through pass-me-down, many scarves for the winter (I currently own 3 scarves which I sometimes wear simultaneously (this is how harsh winter is on me, people, even though I’m BORN here!)), so… I don’t know… unless somehow I lose one of them or I ruin one of them, I don’t think knitting scarves for myself is something that I can do in the near future.

HOWEVER, I think that this is a great idea as a gift to give a friend for the winter. Isn’t it nice? To have something that was hand-made by a friend, and that shows that you’ve dedicated at least a day of your time to making it, rather than spending 10 minutes looking for the perfect gift online and order it (or buying it in the shop)?

Next year, I might consider making these [or maybe I should start practicing now and maybe I’ll have enough experience to make nice-looking scarves by the time I need to make them and give them].

All right, that’s all in terms of my post today, so I’m gonna ask a few questions in the “What about you?” genre:

  1. Do you have some skills with knitting?
    1. Do you like the crochet?
    2. Use a loom (or your hands)?
    3. Or the needles?
  2. Do you even know how to use the patterns (I’ve seen some on the internet, but I have NO IDEA how it works exactly)?
  3. What can you make? What have you made?
  4. If you had skills, what would you like to make?
  5. If a friend of yours gave you a knitted scarf/gloves/hat, would you be happy?

Have a great month of August, take good care of yourselves before school starts, as it would be pretty rough for you to start with sickness, and see you next time [also, I should probably go back to doing my assignment, ha-ha-ha].



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