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Obsessions – Quizzes (15)

by on August 28, 2014

March 3rd, 2014

Title: Which Witch Are You?

So I was just scrolling around and about in my account when someone asked “Which Witch Are you? Take this quiz and post your answers”. I was curious as to WHAT kind of results there could be, so I tried it out!

Also, I had never heard about quizzes from buzzfeed (or I’d never known or even noticed that they had quizzes on that website… I’ve been behind on my quiz-taking… I used to be so much more pro-active in it…)

*cough* Anyways… *cough* In the end, this is what I got:

“You got: The Wicked Witch of the West
You have a way with animals. Once you’ve fixated upon something you want, you’ll stop at nothing to get it. Fears include darkness and water.”

Well, considering that I’ve always wanted to have the word “evil” as my middle name, I’ll consider this a success.

I have mixed feelings about the fears that I have though…

  • How can I be evil and FEAR the dark?! (Because… Admittedly, I am deadly scared of the dark as a human being… there are so many things my imagination could conjure up… that revolve around the dark… I’ll spare you the details).
  • Water, how can I live without water? Unless… *forms even more possible scenarios in my head*


Quizilla doesn’t have that many quizzes that are relevant, so I chose to take these two:

Quiz Title: 13 Clues that YOU might be a Witch!

Well, I found the answers were very short, there wasn’t a lot of choices and it was easy to guess which quiz would land me where… There were also typoes, and, as a grammar-obsessed-person, I find it difficult to look past it. I don’t personally recommend it, but here’s what I got anyways…

It is likely you are or could be a witch.

I should be upset that it was so easy to know that I would be a witch even before pressing the SUBMIT button.

Quiz title: What kind of witch are you?

This one has more possible answers, but I still found that it was difficult to follow, mostly because of the grammatical and orthographic errors. I understand that this website has become “Quizilla, Teen Nick,” but, kids, your English needs improvement! I remember back when I still had my account, I had to triple check EVERYTHING to feel comfortable enough to publish my quizzes…

Here’s my result:

your are a white witch who uses her magic for good not evil. (loser loser )

Okay, well, I don’t know what to say. Quizzes whose results actively insult the quiz taker do NOT get graded well from me. I don’t see why being a witch who uses her magic for good is bad…

Ugh, remind me to only take exceptionally good and well-written quizzes coming from Quizilla next time… Also, I don’t really recommend this one either… it doesn’t give you enough results, considering the fact that there are more types of Witches than this…

Ah man, I totally wasted my time writing this also, I’ll stop wasting yours! For today, I shall take my leave!
See you next month!

╭(╭⊚‿⊚╮)╮ Bug-eyed Ponyta says ‘bye’! ╭(╭⊚‿⊚╮)╮  


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