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Obsessions – Quizzes (16)

by on September 28, 2014

December 3rd, 2013

Hey guys!

How are you all? Wow, after my last spontaneous post on this blog, I felt nostalgic (I realized just how deep the feeling of missing writing here was (can I say something like that?)). And, you know what? I decided to write a post today after all xD [INCONSISTENT, SEE?! I LACK PRIORITIES TOO-PLZ]

Anyways, today’s quizzes are all about your KNOWLEDGE of certain things (mainly, things I obsess about).

  1. The first quiz was what introduced me to the Jetpunk website, named the Countries of the World [there’s even a French Version!]
    1. To give you a bit of context, in high school, I was in the Geography team that won the gold medal in the Geography trivia quizzes our crazy and hyper and awesome Geography teacher gave us [if I recall, our team consisted of this Random Girl, Growlithe, Rapidash, Bulbasaur and me, we were the Wolf River team].
    2. Not only that, but there was also this awesome game called Geo Challenge back in the day on Facebook. I don’t know exactly WHY they’ve taken that game down, but it was simply magnificent. MAGNIFICENT. I was a fairly high scorer back in CEGEP, just to keep myself in the game…
    3. My highest score so far is 127 over 196. I feel ashamed.
      1. I should know more than this… I re-do this quiz once in awhile, to keep improving my score, but there are some countries that sometimes I don’t forget, and sometimes, I do forget… It’s though, guys… it’s tough…! xD
  2. The second quiz is about the DC and Marvel Heroes and Villains.
    1. I don’t need to give you any backstory, I should think… I’m OBSESSED with superheroes ever since I watched the old-arse X-men cartoon with useless Jubilee and Wolverine and Rogue-who-absorbed-Miss-Marvel’s-powers and Awesome-Flying-Flashy-Storm…
    2. This quiz is NOT complete, and it has certain flaws (mainly Rogue (who spelled Rouge for some reason), for my limited knowledge).
    3. Once again, I show how much I still have to learn about superheroes… my highest score for this one is: 206 on 350 heroes and villains.
      1. Obviously, I learned their names from watching Youtubers like Variant Comics and ThinkAboutTheInk, watching Cartoons and Movies about them.
      2. No, I don’t cheat, I just read the answers afterwards and try to assimilate the ones I don’t know and try to do some research about them (that’s how obsessive I am). Also, some of them, I just know, but I tend to forget their names, so it’s like… DANGIT! xD [I’m still mad at myself sometimes, for missing the less obvious ones but that I should know… namely mutants that appear in the old-X-men and the X-men Evolution…]

Well, that’s it for my small obsessive capsule of the month!

Enjoy, guys! 🙂 Tell me what you got as a result and if you’re surprised you knew so many or that you’ve guessed your way through? 😛 What were your tricks to learn your superheroes? 🙂

See you next time!

(ノ゚▽゚)ノ Ponyout! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ


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