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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 3)

by on November 3, 2014

October 8th, 2014

Greetings from wherever I’m typing this, Readers!
How are you all doing? Here’s the third day of the challenge! Quick reminder that the themes are found here: x if you ever feel like you’d like to participate!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 3) –
Favourite Male Anime Character Ever

Wow. That’s a tough one. As is EVERY ‘favourite’ you can ever ask me. Ever. Dayum I can’t choose one exactly. It’s so tough… All right let’s see… Wow…

Since I can’t choose between the ones that I have right now… let me give you the ones I really like from long, long ago:

  • Tuxedo Mask – from Sailor Moon, because seriously [and I still find myself fangirling really hard whenever Tuxedo Mask appears in the Sailor Moon Crystal moment]. I mean, I’m well aware that the old Tuxedo Mask was pretty much a damsel in distress in the later parts of both manga and anime, but I don’t care, I still love him as a character. He also used to say a lot of nonsensical things that make me laugh right now as I re-watch the series in order to make my reviews [but that I honestly didn’t know about when I was a kid, because let’s be honest, I was too young]. As I mentioned in my reviews, if you have time to spare, and are curious about these silly, ludicrous things that Tuxedo Mask could sprout per episode, you can go and check out “Tuxedo Mask is a dork” or even “Tuxedo Mask is a fashion disaster” or something on Tumblr. The tag is fairly popular now (or it was the last time I checked) and I believe it has been revived since the Sailor Moon Crystal series has recently started. I mean, I can make fun of him, but I still love him a lot!
  • Prince Charles – from Cinderella Monogatari, because yeah. While he is not necessarily good looking or anything [maybe because he had that old hairstyle that’s a bit outdated right now, and the anime style is definitely different from the animes now], but in terms of manliness, this guy MAJORLY totally defies the laws of *cough* Princes that Disney *cough* *cough* *chokes* set for their movies (not that they’re that bad), I just fell for Prince Charles really hard [It helped that I LOVED the story that they put into it]. They developed him and they even made the slow process of the two characters (Cinderella and he) fall in love (and the fact that we were able to witness these scenes and fangirl about them really, really makes it something to watch and re-watch. This is one of my favourite animes though, so I think that it will definitely come back during this month’s challenge… I’m not sure though…

All right, it’s the time that I have to wave you goodbye!image
I’ll see you tomorrow!



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  1. OMG I totally forgot about Cinderella Monogatari!!!!! I used to watch it, but I don’t remember the reason why lol

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