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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 7)

by on November 7, 2014

October 19th, 2014 

 Hey there everyone!
And welcome to Day 7 of my 30 Days Anime Challenge. How are you all doing? Good? All right, let’s start!!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 7) –
Your Anime Crush

Wow I didn’t expect to see this one… I shouldn’t have given you my childhood crushes in one of those previous posts [the favourite male characters one] huh… *cough* that’s okay, I’ll come up with some more [it’s really not that difficult… Actually the only difficult thing is to choose out of the harem a*hem list of characters that I… ah… admire the most].

This is actually the last ever post that I’m writing for November 2014’s 30 Day Anime Challenge. *moment of silence for solemness* The reason why is because in many of the posts I’ve written about surrounding male and female characters throughout these months, I’ll have admitted to choosing the character because he/she is in my list of pixelated harem. *cough*

And so, for this post, I will have chosen two peeps, but let me just say that there are MANY [and if my mom stumbled upon that mental list, she’d worry even MORE about my sanity than she already is] that I haven’t mentioned yet [so, bye Gajeel, goodbye (other characters who I’ll name in the future but I won’t spoil here), I’m sorry…]. Well I’ll try, anyway…

From Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, which is a manga that I followed a LOT and is an anime that I started watching I believe [and I guess we can sort of count him as in Sakura Cardcaptor, since he appears there, too, although it’s to be noted that their personalities do differ quite a bit from one series to the other], is Syaoran. I quite liked the Tsubasa rendition of the character.

I enjoyed watching this naive and so kind kid go through the trials of finding the lost memories and abilities of his loved one (Sakura, it’ll always be Sakura).While the story was complicated to follow through its many twists and turns and contained many beloved CLAMP characters, which I greatly enjoyed to meet again in this Alternate Universe (AU) rendition, I really liked the story as well as this amazing character whom I admired for his kindness, strength and determination.

From Ouran Kou Kou Host Club, which is also a manga I used to follow is Kyoya Ootori.

Please notice by now that I have a thing for men with glasses [although I don’t think I’ve expressed this in any of my anime posts or through showing any of the characters that I like with glasses (I apologize)], and it didn’t necessarily start with Kyoya back in the day.

I remember quitting both the anime and the manga a long, long time ago, but my admiration for this young man is still quite present. I didn’t necessarily like Tamaki, who was too… meh. I liked the intelligent and somewhat calm one [you’ll notice the calmness is also sort of a running theme for me] who was actually the Shadow King of the Club [click on the image for more reasons why anyone should like him, I really agree with this person’s post].

There you go, but I’ll give you some more mentions, which I haven’t mentioned in my posts: Takumi Usui (Kaichou wa Maid-Sama), Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Neptune (Sailor Moon), Natsume (Gakuen Alice), Ginoza (Psycho-Pass), and… well I can’t name everyone of them, my list is INFINITE and is always increasing in numbers!

image I’m not sad to see this challenge come to an end (even if it didn’t necessarily come to one for you readers).
You’ll see me tomorrow, while I go and prepare for school work and for NaNoWriMo tomorrow!
Ponyta’s out! 


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