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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 8)

by on November 8, 2014

October 14th, 2014

Hi, all!
How’s it going? I trust the 8th day of the 11th month of year 2014 treats you well! For my part, well I wouldn’t know.

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 8) –
Favorite Anime Couple

Okay STOP.
Stop right there.



Okay so I’ve chosen. to cheat.

While I have many, and I do mean MANY and you won’t even find it in yourself to contradict this fact. Go on my Tumblr Archive and go search “I SHIP THIS” or “I SHIP IT” or something. There’s too many couples in the anime universe that I can NAME, that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! But I’m going to curb my enthusiasm to only… a few, within my designated word count. There will be so many more and I’ll no doubt have mentioned or will mention them in next posts.


First up is the anime couple that has stayed with me much throughout the recent years. You know, you may have seen me draw a doodle or two about them and reblog a bunch of their fanart pictures. I’m talking about Fairy Tail‘s Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox with their adorable bookworm: Levy McGarden. There’s just something about their relationship that just screams OTP. He’s a huge fellow who used to hurt her teammates and who’s turned a new leaf and now would do ANYTHING to keep the little bookwork he adorably nicknames “Shrimp” from any harm. And she slowly opens up to him and they do spend a lot of time together [and they do share a kiss in the manga, which I really want to see happen in the anime]. There are just so many fanfictions and fanarts about them that I have read that I cannot even discern the reality from the canon anymore. On screen anyway, they have been showing a LOT of screen time together, even going as far as just being concerned for each other when the other is not in proximity. Just look at them on that Love-Love Slide. Anyways, this “beauty and the beast” like relationship is a thumbs-up for me, obviously.

Next up would be Green and Blue from Pokemon Special [and it would’ve happened in Pokemon Origins, too, if they’d followed the manga which follows the games sort of, rather than just follow the games!]. For the sakes of coherence, let’s just say that Blue is the girl and Green is the guy (Gary’s anime counterpart).

Yep, the jig is up, I love Tsunderes [jerks with hearts of gold], and Green fits the bill, even though he’s not quite a jerk [if you don’t count the times when he… and then that one time when he actually… and then… okay well he might be a jerk but he does it with reason (after he matures a little bit)].

And then there’s Blue. Blue used to be a thief working for a criminal organization which I should not name (it starts with a red “R”) and broke free from her dark and shady past with a cheerful personality and pickpocket skills that make her seem like a kleptomaniac. Despite all that, she’s quite an adept Pokemon Trainer and works very hard to find her parents (did I forget to say that said criminal organization snatched up children to make them work for them?).

Anyways, best of luck to this couple, I really hope they become canon one day! They are in my heart and that’s what matters.

The third and probably last mention (for now, my babies) will be from Romeo x Juliet: Romeo and Juliet [and I really liked Benvolio with Cordelia, just saying, and I’m also saying to ignore that bout with the Plague (which everyone could just have been saved from had they not killed Dr. Lancelot, just saying) just… shhhhhhhhh]! The anime tells a shockingly different story than Shakespeare‘s but I’ve read that story and I’ll say that I definitely didn’t like it [and don’t get me started on that]. The end result, I guess, is sort of the same, so you know, I don’t know what I was expecting when I jumped into the series [and cried like a madeleine (it’s an expression here, okay?) when Dr. Lancelot met his imminent doom (a fact that Growlithe ADORES to bring back to memories *sobs*)].

Adding more elements of fantasy to the pretty iconic tale, the authors have succeeded in capturing my heart with this story and beautiful graphics. I mean it’s pretty impressive to have redeemed the hopelessly infatuated Romeo from Shakespeare’s play in my hard-earned esteem. They even added an incredibly capable Juliet (more capable although I’m not sure if I could say that she was more realistic as the Shakespearean Juliet). Anyways, for this couple who built up their love and communicated insanely well together, I give a thumbs-up.

Phew, it was really tough to not get past the word quota, but I succeeded!
imageI’m tired now so I’ll continue tomorrow!
See you then!


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