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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 9)

by on November 9, 2014

October 15th, 2014 

Hey there everyone!
Day 9 of the challenge is up and I hope you’re doing good! We can make it through this month!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 9) –
Best Anime Villain

All right let’s see. This is a PICKLE. I’ve no idea who I can possibly pick for this job. What qualifies as a villain? Can a Villain who turned good still be considered a villain? Because if you ask me, one of my favourite anime villains would be GAJEEL REDFOX from Fairy Tail (of course, roll those eyes, roll them like you mean it, you’ll be seeing much more of this guy in later posts, NO DOUBT) [if I’m giving up some nominations, I’d also put Ken from Digimon Adventures 2Vegeta from DragonBall Z]. Are GOOD anime villains qualified by how they act, how much of a difficult challenge they are and represent to the protagonists? Are they qualified in terms of how much goosebump they’ve given you, or are they more qualified as the masterminds that they are? Or more qualified as best if they have a good plan and good resources to implement it? Perhaps they are qualified as good villains if they make you hate their guts [nominations for Sailor Galaxia, and Queen Beryl from Sailor Moon]?

Okay so I’ve settled on a couple of villains…

First up is a recent villain that I’ve had to encounter [I followed the anime almost religiously, too, surprisingly]. A twisted, extremely disturbed [I mean she basically lost her mind and I’m not even sure if she ever had a mind to begin with] and disturbing lady (yes, one of the best anime villains out there for me would be this woman – can we really call her a woman though?). You may or may not have guessed it from the gif, she’s from Kill la Kill, Ragyo Satsuki, mother of [Ryuko Matoi, Harime Nui and Kyryuin Satsuki]. I can’t even begin to enumerate the number of crimes that this woman has committed against me I mean against the protagonists. It does help that she’s crazy psycho, has a really badass song related to her [Blumenkrantz, which is sung in German, which makes it 100x more badass because it sounds so freaking awesome] which I sort of admittedly listen to from time to time (it’s in my anime playlist, I know, how twisted), and is nigh IMMORTAL. She also, of course, serves as the ULTIMATE FINAL BOSS that is incredibly difficult to beat in the final episodes of the series [what with her having fused completely with the demon-clothing (sort of)]. The main problem that I have with her – other than hating her guts for what she does – is for the hinted incestuous abusive relationship that she may or may not have with many of the characters. I don’t know whether or not you realize from these two gifs, but this is a pretty gory and violent anime which I don’t even know if I’d re-watch again [it has INCREDIBLY good humorous scenes though so you know, who knows?].

Another very notable anime villain would be Shougo Makishima, also a final boss, only he comes from Psycho Pass this time. Not because he’s crazy (although yeah, considering his actions, he totally qualifies on the list of cray-cray characters I’ve ever encountered). I mean the guy can hold a knife to a girl’s throat and freaking smile almost happily. That’s definitely a psycho. I guess it doesn’t help that he’s the most evil mastermind who was able to predict people’s thoughts and actions (for the most part anyway), and indirectly committed murders. It also helps him that the Sibyl System cannot even quantify his Hue.
Perhaps you wouldn’t even guess it since he very rarely is shown doing the crimes himself, but you realize that he does not really have any qualms in getting his hands dirty, either. Somehow, despite spending most of his time reading or starting a new crime here and there by implanting an idea in someone’s head, he’s really athletic (I mean, to be able to be on par (and even freaking lay a few hits, too) with Shinya Kougami (his counterpart in the good side) is quite a feat).
The reason why he makes it in this post isn’t just because I came to hate his guts, his way of thinking and his mastermindness. It’s also because I came to fear this character during the anime [of course we’d seen him speak prior to the protagonists even meeting him, but my inability to properly guess what he was up to scared me (oh and it doesn’t help that there was a lot of gore in this one too, it made me predisposed to dislike him, I guess)]. His actions were so radical and one of them especially [he freaking killed Akane‘s friend!!!], that I distinctly remember having to pause, close my tablet (Andrea) and clear my head. It took me three days to come to and finish the series, too.

imageAll right, there you have it, two of the best villains that I know so far!!
I’ll see you tomorrow!!


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