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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 11)

by on November 11, 2014

October 14th, 2014 

Hi everyone!
How do you fare on this fair day? This is the 11th day of the 30 day challenge that I’ve embarked on! It’s so difficult, truly!! So, let’s start!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 11) –
Favourite Mech Anime

I… readers, I don’t… I don’t… I can’t… I don’t read or watch Mech Animes… not a lot anyway… I’d like to say not at all, but I’m pretty sure that if I go on MyAnimeList, I’ll find something… Man what is this… receiving so many different and difficult prompts…

I didn’t even watch the Gundam series, even though I’ll admit that in previous years, Growlithe has made me quite interested in them.

The only anime that had a lot of mechs in it was Break Blade series, a very interesting piece, if only it didn’t have so much fanservice… I don’t remember a lot of it because it had a really difficult to follow the characters wade through politics (I’m kidding). While I’ll admit that it was mighty impressive [especially the details with the mechs as well as the background and all the “special effects”], as well as intriguing, the vast and intense plot only was so-so for me. What caught my attention the most (and you’ll probably roll your eyes when reading this) is the interesting relationship that the four ‘main-ish’ characters have between each other. You have the one dude (A) who later becomes King of Country A, the dudette (B) who later becomes Queen of Country A by marrying Dude A, but really, it’s hinted that she’s in love with Dude C who left the city to go live in the countryside but is still a citizen of Country A. He’s also got this thing where he doesn’t have the natural ability to control the special metal that the people do [although this becomes a really mighty advantage of his later on]. And then there’s Dude D who, because everyone is living in the same country, has to be from a differing country who, it turns out, is at war with Country A. Eventually, since Dude D is a soldier [protecting his country D] and Dude C was just learning how to use the special mech that doesn’t use the sophisticated metal but rather a very old one [and decides to protect the city both to protect his friend Dude A and to protect the love of his life Dudette B] will have to face off in an epic mech battle.

Fun scenario, that! I remember writing a review about it… it was one of the very first reviews I’d written… so it’s not much. I was much more inspired, as I’d watched the six ‘episodes’ in a day.

With that being said, I’m gonna wish you to have a good day,
imageAnd that my next post will sort of be better… 😦
I’m sorry if this isn’t a right representation of the anime, I really couldn’t muster enough knowledge to write properly.
Pony’s running out 


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