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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 13)

by on November 13, 2014

 October 13th, 2014 

Hey there everyone!
How are you doing? Man, I really thought that this 30 Day Challenge would be easy… it… it’s not…

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 13) –
Anime Character You are Most Similar to

I soul-searched for long and wide in order to find characters that I could relate to the MOST. You’ll probably find a HUGE pattern within the two of them, just because. Somehow, I chose from very slice of life anime… I guess it’s because I really don’t have any powers that can make me choose from fantasy based anime – the ones I watch the most [even though you could still be similar to a character who has power!!]…

The first one would be Tamako from Barakamon, a great slice-of-life-like series that I recently finished reviewing and watching. While I’m definitely not into YAOI and I’m not even in denial about it (like Tamako is right here), I have a huge imagination, and, while trying to predict the outcome of a problem inside of a TV show, a cartoon, an anime, a novel that I’m reading, the scenario of a bromance becoming a couple has crossed my mind a couple of times (just ask Piplup). Of course that’s not where my imagination goes to automatically and all the time. Tamako has a big tendency to jump to conclusions, like me, and she aspires to become a mangaka like I aspire to become a better artist (even though my style has pretty much become static since I don’t change it around enough). And she often asks herself (ever since Handa Sensei) came to the island, whether God is testing her or not [something I find myself asking (internally but sometimes out loud, too) daily]. Whereas I’m in total confidence that I am one, Tamako will reject the thought of being a FUJOSHI [although both our definitions of what a FUJOSHI is differ by plenty (for one, I don’t think “fujoshis” necessarily like yaoi…].

The second one is the one who even taught me the word and the definition of fujoshi [and there is revealed the ultimate pattern between my two choices: I am a fujoshi]: from Kuragehime [anime whom I will always thank Chikorita [check out her blog here] for showing me, and Chikorita, if you read this, can I tag you to do this challenge? Hehe], please applaud for Tsukimi!! While those who know me can perhaps pinpoint her coping mechanisms as fairly similar to mine (and I wouldn’t even deny it), I can also relate to her in some of the manners that make her the quirkiest fujoshi in history of anime (so far as I have encountered, anyway). From not knowing how to dress and how to put on make-up, to becoming petrified at even the thought of having to encounter with men [although she does sort of mature on that front later on in the manga and even in the anime, sort of], I don’t think I can tell you that my answer will change in a couple of years; Tsukimi is someone I can relate to immensely. I can even see similarities between her passions [especially about her friends and jellyfishes] and mine (but let’s not go too deep into the topics of my obsessions on my obsession blog) [the similarity being that we are both almost obsessive], even though she’s insanely talented and I’m only very mildly so.

Anyways, there’s two characters I find myself most similar to [other than Ritsu from Fruits Basket, because we both apologize way too much, and it’s actually something that I’ve been dealing with since high school…]!
I’ll see you later tomorrow!
Do you have recommendations of anime that have characters a bit similar to these adorable young women?

( ◜◡‾)┌┛) Ponyta’s out! (┗┐(‾◡◝ )


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