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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 14)

by on November 14, 2014

 October 15th, 2014 

Hey there everybody
I wish I could spare wishes to send you good vibes, but I can’t, this morning, I just realized that I may have lost two charging plugs for both Andrea and Nessie. I’m a bad mother and overall, this day has not started very well… I really wish I could have stayed in bed, woken up only in time to go to class and attend class, and then head back home. I’m gonna write a lot of posts today as punishment for not taking good care of them… Not that it’ll do anything to bring back the dead…

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 14) –
Anime That Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve re-watched

Hands down, it’ll be Cinderella Monogatari, which I know I already wrote a post about, I’m just unsure which day it’s set to be. I watched this anime in a French Dub as it was shown at Tele-Quebec (back then, their shows were decent, nothing like the sh@t they’re producing right now [I’m sorry for not being in the mood, Tele-Quebec]).
Just in case you haven’t read my post about it and just in case I didn’t include some kind of summary about it, Cinderella Monogatari expands the simple story of Cinderella – the “servant girl” who has a Fairy GodMother who eventually gives her the one time chance to go and attend a ball, where she meets a prince who falls in love with her and searches for her when she runs away at the midnight bell toll (because that’s when the magic dissipates).
The relationship that Cinderella and the Prince (called Charles) have together debuted – according to this anime – long before the ball that I mentioned. They learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and eventually make it through the day. Even the stepsisters and the stepmother aren’t that bad in this anime, something I admire them for doing. I loved how more than just a love story, there was a bit of political plot (just enough to keep me interested and not enough to bore me). I rewatch the anime every once in awhile, and I don’t roll my eyes, I don’t find it annoying, I don’t. And even if I did, it’s still so stuck in my heart that I can’t bring myself to delete it from my precious files on Hiba.
There’s also a lot of pretty quirky characters. For example, the Fairy Godmother isn’t really a fairy, and she’s really funny (providing a few comic relief moments here and there), as well as the animals, who serve the same purpose. The art style may be old/outdated and the animation might not be as spectacular as we’re used to nowadays, but seeing as this was a part of my childhood, much like Sailor Moon, I couldn’t ever bring myself to not put this anime somewhere in my 30 day challenge.

imageAh, well I’m pretty much out of animes that I would certainly never get tired of…
Haha, I’ll see you tomorrow then, perhaps I’ll be in a better mood!


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