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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 16)

by on November 16, 2014

 October 17th, 2014

Man, I feel like I didn’t write enough posts yesterday for this challenge (to be fair, I was writing review posts for the month of November, so you know). At any rate, how are you all doing and are you ready for Day 16?

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 16) –
Anime with the Best Animation

Wow, guys, if you’ve read my review blog, you would know that I’m not the best to tell you about animation quality or even what the best animes are out there. My opinions are that of a newbie (because I really don’t watch that much), etc. And so, please bear with me!

…Can I just… I don’t know what anime has the best animation. I really couldn’t tell you, I’m not the best judge… but let’s see out of the ones that I haven’t mentioned yet in any post written…


I really liked Barakamon for the faces and the admirable landscape that they illustrated and animated. Combined with strong and hilarious stories that all lead towards the character’s continued development as a human being, this anime is definitely one of the good slice of life animes out there [and hey, total Shameless plug out there, but check out my Barakamon posts for more gifs and thoughts on each episode *cough*]. You can also click on the image for more beautiful sceneries that come from this anime.

Another one that I found incredibly good is called Dennou Coil, which I believe is a shame that I haven’t mentioned as of yet. Based on an incredibly awesome concept of glasses being able to connect children into another parallel digital plane where they can play games of war with each other and have digital pets, the heroes and heroines in this story learn throughout the seemingly not related episodes that there’s more going on in that digital wonderland than meets the eye [namely the ‘monsters’ that eat matter and infect their pets, for example]. That one’s a really great anime also, you can totally check it out!

All right, wow, that was difficult!
I’m sure there are more out there and I’m not even sure that I found the good ones, but I thought these were worth mentioning!!
See you tomorrow for another 30 Day Challenge post!


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