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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 17)

by on November 17, 2014

October 19th, 2014

Salutations from the cold, cold Canada, People!
How are you all faring on this fine, fine night? We’re on the 17th day of November, so let’s get this [party] started! *makes the DJ moves like she knows what she’s doing but doesn’t*

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 17) –
Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character

Oh, okay so I shouldn’t count Gajeel from Fairy Tail, I guess, since I talk about him way too much… I’m already thinning out on potential people to talk about. And I think I talk about Log Horizon a bit too often (same goes for Sword Art Online)… It really feels like I’m missing a lot of them… because I do have a LOT of characters that I love, but here are some!

Okay so, I went to this Vietnamese school here to learn how to read properly and to learn more vocabulary words [failed attempt at gaining back some of the culture that you lose as someone born in Canada but with Vietnamese Culture that you can’t always use due to personal reasons which I will not discuss here], and they had this amazing point system that let you buy *cough* video games *cough* if you had enough points. The Eeveelutions and I are fairly proficient students and we knew that we could share our points. Mind you, we are an impressive group of 5 CHILDREN, so we took our points and bought one of the CDs which contained a few awesome games. Then, we took turns on our dinosaur desktop computer to play with games.

I remember playing a Yu Yu Hakusho game which no other than me figured out how to play [if I can find this CD again, I’d totally re-play it, because I got stuck at some point and then my computer crashed]. One of my favourite characters to play was Kurama. I then started to read the manga and I even watched a bit of the anime back in the day, too. I’ll also admit that I had a huge crush on Kurama, just because he was so calm, collected and was amazingly strong (and also because, you guessed it, the ROSE just reminded me a LOT of Tuxedo Mask [from Sailor Moon, if I actually need to specify], although Mamoru Chiba couldn’t really pull off the level of Rose Badassery that Kurama can, with his amazing crimson-like-the-blood-of-his-enemies hair that is more fabulous than mine ever will be. Oh and I shall not forget to mention that there’s a demon (who’s also a thief) inside of him that sort of lends him his powers as a sort of an agreement of survival for the two of them (if my memory serves well)? For me anyway, it’s always obvious on whose side he is, and it’s with the good guys. He helps out his friends well, and while people often used to write about Hiei [it’s the dude who’s almost half naked with the sword appearing next to Kurama on this gif] on Quizilla [back in the day, anyway], I thought that Kurama deserved more attention.

**Fun Fact: The creator of Yu Yu Hakusho, Yoshihiro Togashi, is married to Naoko Takeuchi, who is the creator of Sailor Moon.

Moving from Shounen to full on Shoujo with another Magical Girl series would be the Precure Franchise. I’m choosing two from Precure just because I can.

Like many male characters in many Magical Girl shows, while Seiji Sagara [Happiness Charge Precure] does not have magical powers. Despite the fact that he has to remain in the sidelines most of the time due to this, he’s still extremely useful to his friends the Pretty Cures. From being extremely reliable and kind [as seen when he takes care of his friend, Hime, who sprained her ankle], he’s even able to hold up his own against some of the lower ranked bad guys [thanks to his martial arts lessons]. Despite the fact that these qualities are completely lost on the object of his love (Megumi whom you see goofing off while he just bears with it because that’s part of her charm), it’s made him the object of affection of too many female characters (be it tertiary characters or main characters themselves), in the series. I’m 100% certain that I’m not okay with that, but I guess every Pretty Cure seasons have to have some bumps.

Unlike SeijiKiriya from Futari wa Precure actually had powers, that’s mostly because he was created by the Bad Guy from that season to destroy the Precure. Unlike other villains (because that’s actually how he was introduced) of the series, who decided to take the Precures head on, he decided to infiltrate their school and get to learn about them more in order to get a better feel on their weaknesses. Long story short, let’s just say he got caught up in his own game and learned how to be human alongside the Precures, whom he learned to respect and consider as friends.

Enough so that he would go and sacrifice his life for them [it was an incredibly sad moment that I should have put as one of the SADDEST anime deaths, but I’d buried it too deep and now it just resurfaces D@MN YOU, ANIME CHALLENGE and dangit, Munchlax [oh go check out her challenge by the way] for tagging me and D@MN me for thinking I could go through with it].

Due to his special friendship with Honoka Yukishiro (Cure White), whom he frequently spoke with and to whom he even once asked what love was [it comes with not having learned these emotions from being with the Dark King, and all], I REALLY, really shipped them together and I was hoping that he wouldn’t remain… “deceased”. However, I’m sort of glad I’ve sort of come to terms with the ending that they got.

imageAll right, for today, that’s all!
I’ll see you tomorrow, as usual!


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  1. Wahahaha I was amaze too when I learned about the two authors’ wedding

    • They’re so very quiet about it, but it’s nice to see that they’ve been married this long? 🙂 It’s fun because Tuxedo Mask had a cameo in one of the Yu Yu Hakusho episodes xD

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