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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 18)

by on November 18, 2014

October 15th, 2014

Hey there everyone!
I’m still feeling a bit sad from losing the USB cords… I’ve no idea what I’m going to do… *sobs* but I’m feeling slightly better because I watched a bit of anime… and catching up on some YouTube videos. I sincerely hope your day goes better than mine right now.

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 18) –
Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character

What makes a female a supporting character? I don’t even know…!!! Let me think…

All right, Tomoyo Daidouji from Sakura CardCaptor. She’s one of the best characters who are supportive of their friends. [I mean it is hinted during the run (of both the anime and the manga), I believe, that she’s actually in love with Sakura Kinomoto, but that doesn’t change how much I love her as a character!!]. I love how she uses her amazing resources as the daughter of an insanely rich… what did her mother do? innovator [creator of new toylines or something]? to help Sakura out in her quest to find all of the cards and even to master all of the cards in the later seasons. I mean, I cosplayed as this girl this year for Otakuthon [even though no one could possibly have recognized me]!! She’s one of the most amazing character in the show. I love her creativity (I mean, to be able to give Sakura a different costume for almost every single episode)!! She provides Sakura with emotional support as well, as you see from the gif, as you’ll find many best friends will do.

There’s also Cure Rosetta, whom I adored from Doki Doki Precure (even though in terms of personal opinion, that series was a flop in the Precure Franchise, I’m sorry Toei, I’m sorry that you couldn’t do better with the potential given to you). I could also have chosen Cure Honey from Happiness Charge Precure, but I’ll go with Rosetta. Like many yellow and/or orange color schemed Pretty Cures, Rosetta is extremely calm and rarely loses her temper (although when she does, please be careful). I’m not even sure if I can call a Pretty Cure a supportive character, though, mostly because all Pretty Cures are the protagonists. But in terms of Doki Doki Precure, Cure Rosetta, Cure Diamond and even Cure Sword got pushed down once Cure Ace showed up… *almost disgusted by this*. UNLIKE many of the previous Yellow based Cures before her though, Cure Rosetta was already an impressive martial arts master before becoming a Cure [sort of much like Cure Honey]. She rarely uses her offensive abilities [do you see how her shield got broken but she still knows how to use that to her advantage? That’s a pro fighter [not that I particularly know what I’m saying of course]] although when she does, WATCH OUT, and uses extremely strong defensive skills, a great character/friend to have when fighting monsters, I say! I really wish that we’d gotten more exposition about her and more character based episodes about her and Diamond….

Phew! I really had to think long and wide to get this one done!
imageI’m sure there are SO many other characters who are worthy of being in this post, I can only name a few, like all the Sailor Scouts in Sailor Moon (because, just like Mana Aida from Doki Doki, we all know who’s the real star in that show), Mako from Kill la Kill, etc. etc. The list goes on and on! So I’m going to bring this post to an end and wish you to have a great day!


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  1. I think Sailor Moon has too much credit already, and I’m glad Naoko Takeuchi actually write stories about the other scouts, but I was sad she didn’t do the same for the outer senshi.

    • I’m gonna agree with you on that. The problem with have such a huge cast is that when you focus solely on a certain character, the rest become shadows which we don’t always get to see more in depth. And that’s a shame.

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