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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 19)

by on November 19, 2014

October 15th, 2014

How’s it going?! Yep, I’m writing so many posts today, I’m like almost on fire (but yeah I’m probably on fire since you know PONYTA and all that).

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 19) –
Most Epic Scene Ever

All right, so I’m trying really hard not to name the same anime that I have already named before. It’s pretty tough, so please bear with me. Since there is really only so much that I can remember, I really can only provide you with one scene that I found very epic…

It was the moment in Saint Onii-San or Saint Young Men [the movie, if I recall correctly], when the protagonists, Buddha and Jesus, are in the sauna after being kicked out of the pool (for hilarious reasons, check out that movie). Jesus being Jesus (able to make friends with just about anyone), befriends a gangster whom he mistakes as a very devoted monk who follows Buddhism (due to the tattoo of Buddha, I believe, on his back). The conversation led from the aforementioned gangster talking about how he was betrayed by a young member of his group and had to spend 7 years in jail to Jesus sympathizing, telling the story about how he was also put in jail by one of his disciples, and “suffered” through it for three days before coming back. When the yakuza asked Jesus how he got out, Jesus only said: “My return was the will of my father”. The very fact that Jesus did NOT lie at all and was able to say these things with such a straight face made me crack up. For me, this is an epic scene in the sense that the saune actually got all cold and people mistook Jesus for the young heir to a very powerful gang. What? This earned him a spot of respect with a real gangster (with a heart of gold), so you know, that’s got to have its perks! It was also an epic scene to watch because I cannot fathom the thought process that could possibly have led the author of the manga to come up with such amazing puns and jokes and scenarios about both religions/philosophies of life.

The anime is amazing and the manga is even more so. I hope that you can give it a shot if you can appreciate it as what it is. I remember starting a post about it in my reviews blogs, but just a reminder that I am Roman Catholic [I do practice my faith every Sunday and more], and I didn’t feel offended at all by all the things that this anime advances [so it’s totes worth giving it a shot].

Hope you’ll have a great rest of the day, peeps!
image‘Cause I’m taking my leave!
See you tomorrow!


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