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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 20)

by on November 20, 2014

October 19th, 2014

Greetings from this Ponyta on fire, peeps!
How are you all doing? I hope you’ll be taking good care of each other and yourselves! Here’s the post for the 20th day of November!! I only have one more post to write after this [however by now, you’ll probably already have read it, it’s the Day 7… I’ll explain], I cannot wait to be done with these and continue preparing for NaNoWriMo!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 20) –
Anime Character That Gets On Your Nerves

So I’ve thought long and hard for this one… and there’s a reason why right now in my drafts, this one and Day 7 are still drafted… While Day 7 (Anime Crush) is a problem of WHO to choose in my harem of pixelated men, this post’s problem is mainly because I cannot remember who annoyed me the most in any anime. But then, I went on MyAnimeList and I scrolled down, skimming through the titles, looking for some characters that I may have forgotten about (just because they were too annoying). So I actually found some… and after two, I sort of just stopped because that was like opening Pandora’s Box [not the jewelry box, the Greek Myth kind].

I’m sad to say that some characters from the Precure franchise, while it is a great series to follow, can sometimes get on my nerves. And none do it better than Cure Echo [on the left] and Shiny Luminous [on the right].

To be fair though, with the years, Shiny Luminous has grown up slightly in my esteem (I think it’s mostly because the movies don’t give her as much screen time, even less voice time, so I don’t get annoyed as often). Mostly, I thought that Shiny Luminous is just not as important as Cure Black and Cure White, and I felt like she was the useless third wheel in the amazing friendship established between the two Cures. I also felt like there was no flaws with the characters, thus making it difficult for me to relate to her and I almost called her a Mary Sue at some point [Growlithe might remember more than me]. Not to mention that in combat, she’s completely freaking useless [she just powers up the two of them], and if you consider it, she’s the predecessor of all the other “yellow” Cures that get sidelined all the time in the following seasons [it’s totally your fault, Luminous].

I really tried to give Cure Echo some kind of love and consideration after I heard (prior to watching the movie) that some fans disliked her, but DAYUM girl, you make it real hard to love. Similarly to Shiny Luminous in terms of flaws and my growing dislike, but even MORE SO, Echo here has no known powers (as of the writing of this post [oh wait, she has this attack called Heartful Echo in the new movie, which I haven’t watched… I’ll watch the movie and see if I can hold her in higher standards, but from where she stands right now, she’s gonna have to perform some kind of non-Mary Sue magic to revive whatever respect I had for her]), and she becomes a Precure because she befriended a BLOB [oops it’s called Fuu-chan and it’s actually pretty cute… for a blob]. The movie did a piss poor job of making me relate to her [while I give them thumbs up for making us feel like any girl could become a Precure (which is good to show the kids, I guess)] and did an even poorer job at making me see that she deserved the title of Pretty Cure.

In a completely other spectrum of my annoyance for anime characters come a list of lecherous anime characters. I’ll only name the one I felt grossed out about the most (as far as my memory can reach). The character, from Wizard Barrister: Benmashi Cecil, is a freaking frog called Nana Djinni [I won’t even bother look up his name to see if the spelling is correct]. He serves as Cecil’s cook and supposed Guardian, although he does more sexual harassment to her than anyone in the show could [I won’t make the count though, because some other people do harass her]. While the anime itself had a plot that held potential and had amazing animation and visual sense, the hentai scenes [along with the plot holes here and there (there aren’t any mangas or light novels I can even read to check out if I misunderstood or anything)] far outweigh any positive notes I would have about it. When I finished watching the anime last year, I am only left with one feeling when I think about Wizard Barrister: Benmashi Cecil: Wasted Potential and a Sexual Predator Frog.

All right, that’s it for annoying characters, people!
imageI’ve done my job, there are so many characters I probably found annoying but, like the sad scenes and death scenes, I’ve buried them a long time ago… so I probably missed plenty.
I’ll see you tomorrow, as usual!



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