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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 22)

by on November 22, 2014

October 15th, 2014

Hey there everyone!
Good news! First post since… I got home today, and if you’ve read or will read about how I lost my USB cords for both Nessie and Andrea and have felt the hardships that I have throughout my day today, well… good news! Someone hid my cords somewhere in my room… and when I came home, I found them so… you know… tomorrow, CELEBRATION! (*cues the “party like a rock star” song*)

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 22) –
Favourite Weapon, Gear or armor used in an anime

Whoa, you’re asking me to choose in those categories? Oh my goodness… okay so… you’ve asked for it…

First up will obviously be about Fairy Tail, because you can’t really see the word “ARMOR” without thinking about Erza Scarlet. Or at least I know that I’ve come to associate the term armor with her ability to equip and “exquip” any weapon and any armor in her possession [and, my dears, she has plenty]. Apart from the obvious calls for fanservice [I like to think that the chest area is covered, though so you know… let me live in my illusions], I love this armor [called Nakagami no Yoroi – or Nakagami Armor] because summoning such an armor consumes excruciating magical energy (which, obviously, Erza has always had in plenty quantity), but Erza summoned this armor following the event of the difficult the three-way match between her, Kaguya and Minerva, the latter two being also prodigious magicians [thus wounding her to the point where she could hardly stand on a handicapped leg]. The armor was also allows its user to negate magical attacks (they say that it allows them to bend the laws of magic, as a matter of fact).

In terms of guns, because we’ve talked about DEFENSIVE gear, now let’s talk about more OFFENSIVE gears… In all of my years watching anime (and you know I’m not really a pro, so do bear that in mind), no gun has impressed me as the Dominator from Psycho Pass. Only a certain amount of people are allowed to use such powerful weapons in the Psycho Pass dystopia. They have to have clearance and usually have a training in that world’s ‘police force’. Come on, it can identify its user, how awesome is that!
Unfortunately directly wired into the Sibyl System Network (which we know for a fact if we’ve watched the first season, ISN’T THAT GREAT), the Dominator allows its user to do a number of things depending on the hue (that is the criminal coefficient or, to be more precise, the “tendency of a person to kill”) of a person. It has three modes, ranging from the lowest coefficient to the most dangerous criminals it can encounter; the lowest being the non-lethal paralyzer mode, the next being the lethal eliminator, which, while not supposed to kill, can incapacitate a person to the point that the person will not be able to use the injured limb anymore, and the last being the Destroy Decomposer, which I’ll leave to you to guess.

In terms of swords… Well you got me there, I have two preferences…

I love the Claymore from the aptly named anime [Claymore], simply because I always loved the anime ever since I watched it in high school with both Jolteon and Leafeon. A regular human cannot even wield the sword (only a few exceptions can, to be reckoning), as it weighs too much for a normal mortal to use. However, Claymores, half-human and half-yoma (demon), will have the strength to wield it and even will develop their own differing techniques on how to wield it. It can slice through demons; a weapon that is extremely handy to have when your sole role as Claymore is to rid the villages of the monsters [that and being clever enough to flush out the thing]. A claymore is unique to its user in terms of the symbol carved upon it (which is the symbol attributed to the fighter herself).

But I also love Bleach‘s Hitsugaya’s sword (Zanpakutou, right?) called: Hyōrinmaru. Well, anyone who knows me sort of knows that I used to have a small crush on Hitsugaya (there, I said it), so I thought I might as well mention Bleach at least once. The Spirit of this Zanpakuto is extremely loyal to Hitsugaya and will go to lengths to protect him. Just as Hitsugaya is attributed to ice, especially with his Reiatsu, Hyorinmaru is also pretty good at generating ice and… you know, just look at that ice dragon. [I’m well aware that the ice dragon is more a product of Toshiro’s abilities whereas Hyorinmaru is the polite gentleman spirit which resides inside the zanpakuto, but still, I thought it should be worth mentioning].

Last but not least: magic related… I could mention Sakura Card Captor‘s, but I feel like I’ve talked about her a lot [it’s worth the nomination though], but then I thought about Mai-Otome‘s earring system. It’s an anime that I watched a long, long time ago, and even now, I didn’t understand everything (I think it’s because it was a spin-off and I should’ve watched the original). It sort of resembles a Magical Transformation Trinket from any Magical Girl series (who am I kidding, it sort of is, isn’t it?!). The transformation allows the user to have augmented strength, flight, endurance, etc. However, these users, called Otome, are often bodyguards to important political people in the world.

Phew, I can’t believe I still managed to keep it to min. 1k words! I’m a boss!
I’ll see you tomorrow!
Take care!


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