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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 25)

by on November 25, 2014

 October 15th, 2014 

Salutations to every reader who have unfortunately found this blog mine!
I trust the month of November has treated you well, as it has not yet treated me, I don’t know what to say [except that losing my USB cords SUCKS]. Without further ado, let us please start.

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 25) –
Saddest Anime Death

Um what. THE DEATH OF MY USB CORDS IS SAD! Okay more like their disappearance. Wow, making me go from the Anime that I’ll never get tired of to the saddest anime death… *whistles*.

You know that I have a particular scene from Sailor Moon, between Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus, who sacrifice themselves both in order to bring out the Holy Talismans. Seeing as I’ve already talked about this one, let me name you another sad anime death that has stayed with me and still bring tears to my eyes [I can’t even give you a proper gif or an anime, here’s a link to compensate]. It’s the one single episode where, after all the friendship bonding that Usagi has done with her friends and after the little mature she got throughout her adventures, Sailor Moon loses all of her friend Sailor Scouts in one single episode [of course this will be a running theme, because the villains know that Sailor Moon values her friends almost as much (ALMOST) as she values Tuxedo Mask, and will do anything to take away that source of happiness, but this one episode really crushed me as a child]. It got censored a bit in the English version, and that’s a shame, because the anime dealt with the theme of ‘death’ fairly well. These deaths will become a stepping stone for Sailor Moon, who, for the sake of a few episodes, becomes more mature and fulfills her role as princess of the Moon. Just writing about it gives me goosebumps, but seeing as I’m at school while writing this, I’ve gotta contain my tears.

In that one episode, the friendship between Mars and Sailor Moon is also more in-depth. I mean they do argue a lot, but both of them still consider themselves to be great friends. I loved those scenes almost as much as I cry every time I hear them scream in pain [I must be masochistic]. But yeah, no matter what, I’m sure that you’ll have realized that Sailor Mars really has Sailor Moon’s back. Almost all the time!

Okay, I am also going to bring up another death that really shook me to the core when I was a child. It was the way that Wizardmon sacrificed himself to save Gatomon in Digimon Adventures [I’m all about heroic sacrifices, I guess you could say]. The Digimon wasn’t as “strong” as the Digimons who had DigiDestined [sort of expected], but he still held a really high standing in my esteem back in the day (and he still does). He served as almost a conscience to Gatomon, who had saved him awhile back. Because he felt indebted to her, he kept close to her side as she chose the wrong paths (allying herself with the extremely abusive (and of course evil) Myotismon, for example), and attempted to regain her memories (please note that this is really as I recall, I’m not even sure if it’s really what happened, but I remember that’s what I understood from being a child watching this anime [I wasn’t able to bring myself to watch this particular scene whenever it came back up and whenever I rewatch it… so that’s how much it affected me (and apparently from my conversation with Munchlax today, it did for her as well)]). Ah man, here come the tears and the goosebumps, right on cue, even though I haven’t watched this scene in a while, right on schedule.


image So, I’ll leave you with these, because I can’t bring up any other,
See you tomorrow!
Ponyta wonders why there are so many sad posts for this and leaves.


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