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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 26)

by on November 26, 2014

October 15th, 2014 

All right everybody! How are you all doing?
Good? I feel so-so due to the fact that I lost my USB Cords (still not over it), but I will find a solution, for now, let’s continue the 30 Day challenge, shall we?

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 26) –
Best Anime Fight

This. This is one of the tough ones that I have to decide through… I watch a lot of action based anime, so there are MANY fights that I’ve seen and stuff… so it’s pretty difficult for me to decide which ones I love the most… I’ll attempt to narrow it down a bit… and I’ll also TRY to remember it correctly, please be aware that I have a really bad memory…

OBVIOUSLY, there is going to be for me, a Fairy Tail  moment in this somewhere. And that moment will be, as it has been for many Tumblr Posts, surprisingly, and I’m talking about the Hades vs. Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Wendy, and Erza fight!! Hades is not only one of the strongest opponents that the guild has ever encountered so far, but what hurts the most (the song) is that this person was actually really close to the guild – more importantly – Hades was actually Purehito Gēborugu, who is the Second Fairy Tail Guild Master in the history of Fairy Tail!!! He’s the one who bestowed the “Master” title to Makarov, too. He was the one who Master Makarov looked up to the most [it also hurts that Makarov’s mentor very nearly freaking KILLED Makarov].

To avenge their fallen Master and to avenge their hurt friends [only to name a few: Freed, Bixlow, Gajeel, Levy, Lisanna, Evergreen, Mirajane, Elfman, etc.], the party previously mentioned converge (despite their wounds) to the Ultimate Boss (of that particular arc anyway). And while they do impressively, they are still no match for the Second Master of Fairy Tail, who is far more powerful. In the end, with the combined efforts of the Exceeds Carla, Happy and Pantherlily [who located where Hades placed his heart and ultimately wounded it], as well as with the help of the then-banished Laxus Dreyar, they manage to defeat Hades by each giving Natsu a push to give him the momentum needed to land one last punch. That scene gave me the goosebumps.

I don’t know if Hiro Mashima intended it to look a bit like it, but looking back, doesn’t the scene remind you of that moment when Cloud received momentum from his friends in the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ‘animated’ movie?

Let’s not forget to mention that one scene in DragonBall!! I loved that fight scene about how everyone tried to beat Cell at his self-made tournament. That was mighty impressive [especially when the father lent a hand to his son, as well as giving him a lot of nice advice, it was a pretty heartfelt moment, even if Cell thought that Sangohan was going crazy with desperation (I really love their father and son bonding time in both the manga and in the anime (just because of how awesome it is to see Sangoku grow up into fatherhood and then, we even see Sangohan grow up (it’s not like some animeverse where the heroes don’t really grow)))]. I loved how everyone placed their bets on Sangoku [believing that, as usual, he would be the one to vanquish the hero (after all, he beat most of all the main villains in earlier encounters, right?)], but he himself wanted his son to win [in the same kind of way that he wanted Trunks and Sangoten to get stronger in the Boo Arc, because he’s aware that he won’t always be there to protect the Earth (it’s very mature of him)], he knew that Sangohan was the one with the hidden potential to beat the most powerful dude in the universe [I was a bit disappointed when he became a teen, but he had done really funny interactions, too]!! Sangoku continued to believe in his son even after he went all cocky and gave Cell the chance to get to his full 100% potential, not knowing that the villain might actually beat him. The LOOK on Goku’s face when Gohan boasted his strength, though!! It’s like that of a parent who understands what their child is doing wrong but can’t say anything to stop him/her, because it’s best that they learn from their mistakes [which I think it’s safe to say, that Gohan totally learned his lesson, since his single mistake cost him his father]

Just saying, but I was really sad when he absorbed C-18 and C-17… especially because ships.

Once again, please be aware that I may have gotten some things wrong, I’m not necessarily up to date anymore with the whole anime universe because of school… (excuses, excuses)…

I’ll see you tomorrow!
Ponyout! ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v


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