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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 27)

by on November 27, 2014


October 19th, 2014 

Greetings from this fire horse, everyone!
How are you all faring on this 27th day of November and of my 30 day challenge?

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 27) –
Most Badass Scene From Any Anime Character

Is it me, or is this anime challenge just repeating itself? There are so many themes that repeat themselves [and I’m trying really hard NOT to mention any moment from Fairy Tail because for me, Fairy Tail has a compilation of badassery just waiting to be written about]… Okay I’ve chosen… almost…

It’s difficult to choose from animes that I have not mentioned… I want to say that Akane Tsunemori from Psycho-Pass had an incredibly badass moment near the end of the first season. She goes from being this really nice girl to being this girl who can actually pack a punch [or, well, a helmet? A hit with a helmet? It sort of just loses the flow of the expression though], even without the badassery given to her by the Dominator (I’ve written a post on that). But when she sees her Enforcer, Kougami Shinya, almost beaten by their common enemy, um… what’s his name? Makishima Shougo [and I even wrote a post about this one, too, I’m sorry, Makishima, don’t come murder me in my sleep (actually…)]. The rage that you can see in badass Akane’s eyes is so uncommon from what you usually see from her in the previous episodes that I sort of just have to give it to her as “most badass scene from any anime character, especially since this is so unlike her [sort of].

Villains with Glasses

Then comes yet another anime that I’ve spoken about before… Log Horizon, I’m so sorry but I’m not sorry. Krusty takes it for this. While we’ve seen him fight against palace guards in Season 1, but we’ve mostly witnessed him blackmailing Shiroe [one of the main characters] into doing things for him, and/or speaking with Lennessia [thus making us ship them more and more with every growing interactions (yes)], yet we’d never really clearly seen him direct his Guild although there is that one scene where he’s speaking with his… secretary? but… that was about it… (he’s one of the main leaders of one of the strongest fighting-based guilds of the town, after all, let’s not forget, despite his “bumpkin” persona and manners towards Lennessia), nor fight at his full strength until this one scene I speak of [in which all of the Guilds in the town of Adventurers (the players in the world of Log Horizon) all decide that it would work best for them in the future if they did help out the People of the Land (the NPCs, sort of) in fending off the army of Goblins that came to invade their territories].

The one that made me have goosebumps, because Krusty really showed that he actually enjoys the battle. Can you see that grin upon his face when he was about to vanquish that troll (or Goblin)? That gave me serious chills. I think he was even laughing in that scene, wasn’t he [it could also be though that I’m imagining the laughter]?

imageAll right, that’s it for today,
There are SO MANY badass moments for ANIME CHARACTERS!!
It was difficult to choose from… and I ended up reverting back to the ones that I’m more familiar with, I’ll try to do better next time!


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