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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 28)

by on November 28, 2014

October 14th, 2014 

Hey there!
How are you all doing? We’re approaching the end of the 30 days! I really hope that I’ll have finished everything that I need to finish in order to FINISH Nanowrimo, finish my assignments, etc. Right now, it sure seems like a huge list of tasks to finish…

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 28) –
Favourite Quote from Any Anime Character

Okay, so I’m so sorry that this has to be a fight that’s one of the badass moments… but I’m going to choose this moment fro Log Horizon. When Demikas (a major bully and a tyrant) from a bully town called Susukino is lured into a fight by both Shiroe the Enchanter [one of my favourite characters, by the way, for his vast intellect and curiosity] and Nyanta-san [one of the best cooks as well as a rapier user, who is also seriously badass – he’s nicknamed CHIEF from many of his past comrades], he is majorly beat by the combined forces of Shiroe, Serara the Priestess (or was she just a cleric? I’m not sure anymore), Nyanta and Naotsugu. However, of course, the ‘scene’ that inspired me to insert it in this post was the scene right before the battle [and right before Nyanta-san displayed his amazing swordsman skills and Shiroe likewise showed off his tactician abilities].
If I recall correctly (and you can totally comment below and tell me politely how wrong I am, I won’t mind but do have some tact), at some point during the battle, when Demikas realized that he was going to lose to this guy, he called in some reinforcements or something… And in retaliation, both Naotsugu and Shiroe also acted out a plan that they seem to have used plenty of times before the Apocalypse, in order to help Nyanta out. Demikas decided to complain about that, because this plan also put him at a disadvantage, and it was definitely not “fighting fair and square”. To this, Nyanta said something I found extremely badass: “Coming from you, ‘fair and square’ sounds like a bastardization of our fair language” Simply because, as a gentleman, Nyanta does not often lose his cool and definitely does NOT swear at all, and yet, he used a word similar to bastardization… Along with the whole scene, this quote really left a mark for me.

I can’t think badassery without thinking Fairy Tail and I have many quotes from that anime that I simply can’t go without mentioning. The first would be Mirajane, who isn’t necessarily a character who fights a lot. Since the beginning of the series (as in, since Lucy Heartfilia has joined the Fairy Tail guild), Mirajane has shown up as a bar tender who does not use magic [although it is later explained why]. She smiles extremely often and shows a very happy-go-lucky attitude nowadays – whereas in flashbacks, her teenage years were often extreme raucous and she got into fights often with Erza. I mean, you’ll see or have seen a post that I have made during my 30 day challenge of how badass Mirajane can be with her SATAN SOUL power.
I don’t necessarily remember what it came down to, what happened, how it happened, but the quote that I choose goes a bit like this: “People cry, not because they’re weak. Rather, it’s because they’ve been strong for too long“. It spoke to me in ways that I cannot even express to you in less than 1k words [and I won’t], so it stays as one of my favourite ones.

I do remember this second quote, however, from Gildarts. I have distinct memories of when Natsu and the others underwent trials to become S-Class mages, the HIGHEST possible class that a mage can get in Fairy Tail. The Dragon Slayer fought and fought and never gave up fighting against Gildarts, one of strongest guild mages there is in Fairy Tail. At some point in the duel, Gildarts snapped and displayed his full on power, thus petrifying Natsu; by this I mean that he simply couldn’t move and abandoned the match. Gildarts, however, in his all wisdom as a veteran wizard, said that Natsu passed the round and could go onto the next part of the S-Class mage trial. Puzzled, Natsu asked why, seeing as he had been too fearful to move and attack after that. Gildarts answered with something along the lines of: “Fear is not evil; it tells you what your weakness is. Once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder“. It’s very close to another quote that I loved from Princess Diaries (in which her father wrote to her about courage not being the absence of fear, you know the one).

Honestly, there are so many other quotes I’m sure that have marked me and I will be able to mention other ones and forget about these ones later on, if I ever have to do another 30 day anime challenge, but there it was!
I’ll see you tomorrow!


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