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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 29)

by on November 29, 2014

 October 14th, 2014 

Hey there Minna-san!
I trust that everyone is doing well!! We’re ALMOST DONE, almost there! This is the second to last day, after all *cough* I’ll go back and start writing my post for every other day, too, hahaha!

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 29) –
An Anime You Wished was Real

You mean, an anime a part from Fairy Tail? Because by this point, you’ll probably have an idea of how much of a fanatic I am of the series… I can’t even deny it… Let’s choose other ones, then!


Let’s see… I’d love to be a part of Log Horizon community.
IF it were real, then I wouldn’t be seen as a “Person” of the Land [which is how the Adventurers call the NPC or… “Non Player Character“], but rather as one of the Adventurers [the “Player Character“]. That would be freaking awesome. The whole World Building done for this anime (and its graphic novel) is simply so amazing and well-thought of. There are so many things that I could choose to be.

There are jobs, classes… I would be a class that allows me to be a Healer, I’m just saying, and I’d probably max that ability to the fullest!!
Then, there are jobs… I couldn’t be a Cook like Nyanta, though and chores aren’t my strong suit, compared to Serara, I would be part of a Guild (probably be recruited by Marielle-san or something)… I promise, I’d work really hard! The only job that I might have been interested in having would be Scribe, like Shiroe. To be able to reproduce maps and everything is REALLY interesting!

There’s also the whole Digimon Adventures verse that, if it existed, I’d absolutely love!!

It’s such a beautiful concept, to be a DigiDestined [or not, I mean, I’m definitely not cool enough to be one of them] and, while the trials that you face are really hard and you need to have strong and good relationship with your allies, it would be an amazing thing to have a talking digital monster whom you can confide to, who can defend you and who you can protect. It’s like having a real imaginary friend that’s loyal to you and that’s evolve with you as you yourself grow up.

If I recall, at the end of Digimon Adventure 2, the children from almost everywhere had Digimons. I’d like to have been one of those children. I can carry my Digimon everywhere with me… [the way the Digimon Tamers did it was pretty awesome too]!! We wouldn’t fight with other Digimons, but it’d be so cool (also I wouldn’t feel as scared walking around at night, unless some dangerous Digimon lurk around… okay let’s… talk about something else).

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this anime before, so I will here. I adore the idea of being born with an Alice (or a power) and going to a school for Gifted children [this is why I absolutely adore the X-Men]. I’m obviously talking about Gakuen Alice, one of the first more… um… modern animes that I watched while going through high school. I don’t even need to tell you what kind of Alice I would like to have, there are too many, but one of them relates to the Class that I would have chosen if I had been in Log Horizon.

While the anime was quite light-hearted, the manga had intrigue, romance, etc. I didn’t finish reading it, simply because I didn’t want it to end… just as I did with Dengeki Daisy, unfortunately…

All right,
See you tomorrow
For the last day of the 30 day Challenge!!
 Ponyta’s out! 


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  1. mochirochi permalink

    I wanted a Digimon too. Did you hear that it’s coming out with a new season next year?

    Congrats at being almost done. Even though it’s not part of the challenge, I added an extra one for mine that I’d love to see you do. For day 31 I asked, “What is a popular anime that you couldn’t get into or like?”

    • Oh yes! I have! Did you know that you can go and show them that you support the new season? Lemme link you:
      You can “vote” once per day, so I’ve been trying to do that XD I can’t wait I can’t wait!! ❤ ❤
      [I'll check out the 31rst day 😀 I'll definitely try ]

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