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30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 31)

by on December 1, 2014

November 30th, 2014 

Hello, everybody!
How are you all doing? I’m free from the duties of being a writer (for a moment), in order to play a game with Mewtwo (you’ll see it arrive in my Reviews blog sometime this year [that’s right, shameless plug]), and to write about the 31th day of the 30 Day Anime Challenge. “WHAT?!” YES! 31th! It’s because the blogger, Mochirochi (definitely check out her blog, here’s the link), invited me to do it, and you know, I don’t receive invitations or any comments as sweet like this often, and, having no life whatsoever, I decided to do it, and I invite you to do it as well if you wish to! [Munchlax, you’re tagged, haha]

30 Day Anime Challenge (Day 31) –
What is a popular anime that you couldn’t get into or like?

Mochirochi submitted this a little under a week ago, and I still don’t know what to write… but then, I realized that I could just go to myAnimeList and look at the stuff that I put “on-hold” or “abandoned” completely.

I’ve already spoken about a few of them actually, but here goes:

Bleach is seriously popular… although not as much in my circles. Back when I was at Otakuthon this year though (yes, Otakuthon the Anime Convention of Montreal comes back often when I need to speak about anime, when I’m all over my anonymity complex, message me if you ever decide to come and I’ll either show you around or hang out or something!), I saw a lot of fans and, equally, a lot of cosplays.

First of all, you know I don’t dislike action in my animes [for goodness’ sake, I was born with Dragon Ball, raised by Digimon, named after a Pokemon and subscribed to a Fairy Tail Guild although maybe some aren’t as relevant]. I’m not sure the reason why I stopped reading the manga (because I usually started with mangas before I watch the anime (back in the day)), but the moment I started to lose interest in the manga was the moment I stopped following the anime. Nevertheless, I first read Bleach quite religiously back in the day, I remember in high school, talking about how awesome the concept was. Like many of the items that I place here, the sheer number of things to keep up with in the anime become too much. One day, I just stopped reading, thinking that I would catch up, but I never did.

I mostly still follow, but only because I ship Hinamori Momo and Hitsugaya Toushiro (and that I have a smallish crush on Hitsugaya still); it’s just so cute and I feel like it’s a shame she hasn’t come back yet. I just love that couple, oh and there’s Gin and Matsumoto that I like also… but otherwise, I really couldn’t care less about Kurosaki Ichigo, even if my life was threatened.

I guess that’s what I dislike about Bleach. The author has added so many arcs (and that’s not a bad thing necessarily, I mean Fairy Tail has SO MANY), but the characters I love the most don’t even appear much anymore. For example, from what I gather, I don’t know at all what happened to Hinamori… and I don’t even know if Hitsugaya still comes to visit her. If any of you know anything about my two OTPs in this one, please tell me more news. That might be what sparks my interest in continuing the reading/watching! Oh wait, let me add this: I’m going to go ahead and read the last few chapters of the series when they come out.

Vampire Knight is definitely another one that somehow, I just couldn’t get into. Just like in the case of Bleach up there, I couldn’t get into it due to the rift between me and the interest in the manga. I started to get into the manga, it was an interesting concept, and it was right back in the time when vampirism was starting to get more and more popularity (that era when a lot of fanfictions on and fictions on Quizilla (which no longer exists, I’m so sorry about that) appeared all over the place).

I guess it’s the whole drama thing that I don’t like, but then again, I like dramas and I don’t mind certain things. I can’t seem to explain it… it’s not like it isn’t cute… I guess it’s because it dragged on for so long and it didn’t do a good job at maintaining my interest? I don’t think anything will get me to read it again. I remember, some time after stopping to read, I read a random chapter, just to see if it would interest me again, and the fact that Kaname and Yuuki are together, but COULD be siblings was enough to keep me out of the fandom for good. I don’t care if they reveal that it’s not true anymore, I just… no. NO.

Similarly, here’s the Naruto anime and manga, which I stopped following AWHILE ago. Let me tell you [spoilers for any of you who are somehow not up to date]:

I stopped reading Naruto right after the Shippuden arc. I am not sure what made me stop, perhaps it’s because it was overwhelming, and I didn’t want to. One day, I read the most recent chapter, and it was Hinata (my fave girl) confessing to Naruto as she protected him from a dude. After that, I followed it quite religiously again, until I realized that after she confessed and almost died, Naruto didn’t DO ANYTHING to go and see her again. It upset me to NO AVAIL, because it basically meant that he’s rejected the poor girl by AVOIDING her. It also means that he’s “quite busy” I guess. So I stopped. And then I read the last two chapters of the series VERY recently. And it made me even more perplex. Did they have any interactions in-between her confession and this one? And have you seen the Last movie trailers? I’m gonna go and write a review on the trailer on my review blog or something. So actually, I’m going to watch the last movie, and depending on whether or not I’m satisfied, I’m totally going to re-read it, I think.

It’s not secret, I’m a NaruHina fan, but I really like the other couples for this one, too. If you have answers to my questions, which will pull me back into the Naruto verse, please, tell me!

imageAll right, that’s all.
I’ll see you all later, for another 30 day challenge one of these days!


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  1. mochirochi permalink

    Hehe, you did it 😀

    If you’re wondering if Hinata and Naruto had any interaction after her confession and the last chapter, then the answer is kind of but not really. She protected him for a bit during the war, but nothing about her confession came up. It’s pretty much ignored. The movie is going to be dealing with Naruto’s love life so the journey from not doing anything to becoming Hinata’s husband happens there.

    I felt the same way about Vampire Knight when Kaname and Yuuki sibling thing happened. I still read it though and finished it, but it definitely did taint the series a bit.

    • Yep! I did it! I even wanted to do the Drama challenge that you’ve started! 😀
      Yay! Well I want to see that movie for that specific reason!
      Hahaha, yeah, I don’t know… I have a permanent scoff in my head when I think about Vampire Knight… but it’s probably a good series despite it? I… I dunno xD

      • mochirochi permalink

        The last part felt rushed and uneven, so even if the brother/sister thing wasn’t there the manga wasn’t all that great either. Plus that ending….

        If you start up the drama challenge let me know! It will be fun seeing what you come up with, plus I’ll be able to get in some recommendations too.

  2. Yeah… couldn’t get into Naruto nor Bleach. I gave them a chance, but never worked out. Vampire Knight was boring, but the twist at the end make me watch it hehehe I also couldn’t get into the bloody hell into Fairy Tail.

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