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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 1)

by on December 17, 2014

December 9th, 2014

Hey there,
How are you all doing?

So, Munchlax [you’ll find a link to her blog here] decided that we both were strong enough [somehow] to try our hands at doing TWO CHALLENGES at the same time this month. We’re going to be doing the Drawing Challenge (source is from here, and I’ll be posting that one on my Tumblr. You can find it there under the tag “challenge” or something), as well as the music challenge, which you can find here. If you ever want to do the challenge with us, please, feel free [I’d tag people, but… Munchlax is already doing the challenge so… yeah…]!!

Day 1 – What is the most recent song you downloaded on your iPod/computer/phone,etc? 

Wow, that’s a toughie… I don’t remember. As I told Bayleef just yesterday, I don’t get a lot of music very often, it only ever really happens when I catch up with the recent trends/music and/or when a song is catchy enough in whatever show I’m watching (cartoon/anime/tv show/drama) [I’m probably going to remind you a lot whenever we do challenges about music or songs].

I think the most recent song that I got was actually an Original Soundtrack from a drama that I fell in love with (because I love the manga it was based out of): The Liar Game [which came out by TvN and which I’m going to be reviewing and scheduling on my review blog]. The song is called: Liar by Dear Cloud. The only part of it that I understood was: “Oh, you’ve given me something–” which I could only relate to Nao Kanzaki and Shinichi Akiyama [the main protagonists of the manga]. The reason why I ship the two so much is because they influence each other in one of the best ways possible. Indeed, by being in contact with Nao, Akiyama became a little bit more sociable, and speaks to others while still relying on her. Meanwhile, Nao has learned to mistrust a little more and almost to be more cunning. It’s impressive the amount of trust the two of them place in each other. If you have the time, do watch the first season of TvN’s Liar Game (it’s 12 episodes long, so 12 hours of your time), or read the manga (it’s at chapter 195 as I write this, and it’s coming to a close very soon). Like I said, check on my Review blog some time next semester and you’ll find a review of that drama.

I think, around the same time, I also got the Original Soundtrack of the movie How to Train your Dragon 2, called No One Goes, by Jónsi and John Powell (based on Wikipedia) [here’s the official music video on an official YouTube Channel]. I don’t know, there’s something about the beat and the melody of the song that pulls you in, and then, there are the lyrics – something that you’ll find I pay most attention for (unless the melody is simply too catchy). There’s something about the lyrics, mixed with the song, that inspires greatness on you [mentioned in bouts like “We go where no one goes” or “Get out of our way”]. Maybe it’s because I watched the movie, but these passages, when sung, bring forth an overwhelming feeling. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, definitely check it out [or if you don’t like it, at least watch the movie, it is nicely done, and I love the way they incorporated the lyrics to the MV]!

That’s it for today, I don’t think it was too bad at all!
Let’s continue this!
See you tomorrow!
(*ゝω・)ノ Ponyout!! 


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