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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 2)

by on December 18, 2014

December 15th, 2014 

Hello there everyone, and welcome back to the 20 day music challenge!
How are you all doing? Munchlax and I have started the 30 day music challenge (she’s going to be posting very soon)! I’m doing great, today was the last final exam that I had for the fall semester (2014), and now, I’m free to write more for my blogs. We even started to recruit more food bloggers for our food blog post, so we’ve got that going for us. So, today’s theme is:

Day 2 – Who is your favourite artist/band? Why? 

Okay, that is one difficult one… AGAIN. I don’t know exactly… I don’t particularly follow bands in general, but I do have some repeats of some artists in my Playlist. Nevermind, I just remembered that I’m a huge kpop fan and there ARE bands that I used to follow ravenously [I forgot that I could post music that is not necessarily Canadian/French/American, that’s a relief…].

B2ST! Hands down is the group that I love the most… or at least that I follow the most. Even though I’ve faded away from the kpop fandom, I’ve kept tabs here and there of what my darlings have been doing, what music they’ve been producing, and even watched their show, Burning the BEAST, which is brilliant, if you’re somewhat a B2UTY, definitely check it out.

In terms of my history with them, I was in college (CEGEP) when I first learned about them (through a friend we shall name Skarmory), and I must say that at first, I didn’t like them one bit. Mostly because BEAST sort of almost (seemed to) presumptuously take away the title of beastly team from 2PM, whom I absolutely adored at the time (it was around the same time and maybe before Jaebum was relieved of his duties as leader of 2PM, after which point, my interest in 2PM sort of just diminished until it was replaced completely by BEAST). I also initially disliked Jun Hyung, but DAYUM, I fell in love with his voice at the same time. And now, I just really love him, he’s so awesome and funny (from the variety shows that I watched anyway), and I adore his voice when he raps [I have a thing for people who rap, okay?]. I just love their music, too, the trend that they go for and the music videos that they shoot are really nicely done. I wouldn’t be able to compare to other groups because I don’t follow them as much, but I just… I’m just a B2ST enthusiast, okay?

Let me share with you some of the songs I love the most, in no particular order:

  • Lightless
  • Fiction
  • Lights go on again
  • Soom (Breathe)
  • Beautiful
  • On Rainy Days
  • Thanks To
  • Shadow
  • etc.

All right, so that’s all for now,
I’ll see you tomorrow for another post/theme!
<(_ _*)> Ponyout! <(_ _*)>



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  1. mochirochi permalink

    I use to listen to B2ST back in the day. I absolutely loved loved loved fiction! Such a good song.

    I was confused by them at one point though. When they came out with Shock I thought it was a fun song to dance to, but there’s a part where they sing, “Come back, back, back, to me, I’m waiting you, you.”

    For the longest time I heard, “Come back, back, back to me, I’m wearing her shoes.”

    Then I’d wonder, “Why are you wearing her shoes? Is this why you’re in shock or she’s in shock?”

    • GAHAHHAHAAH HER SHOES! AND SHE’S IN SHOCK! I don’t know if I’ve ever heard that, but I love your rendition of it XD 🙂 [indeed, it’s a GREAT song to dance to :3 ]

      • mochirochi permalink


        Has there been a time when you’re listening to kpop and hear something completely different, l like my example above?

        • Yes! And even in English songs, too, just because I’m hard with hearing? XD I don’t have a good example at the moment for Kpop, just because it’s been such a long time, but Parachute by Cheryl Cole. I hear “Pair of shoe” instead… and it’s QUITE funny XD

          • mochirochi permalink

            I think I’m hard of hearing too lol. The amount of times I’ve heard wrong lyrics…it’s always so random too. There’s this one Blink182 song, I forget the title, where they sing “I’ll be alone if you’re feeling so lost and disillusioned.”

            And I heard, “I’ll be yellow if you’re feeling so lost and let’s go lugeing.” >.<

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