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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 4)

by on December 20, 2014

December 17th, 2014 

Hey there, Minna!
How are you all doing today? I hope that the month of December is treating you well! It’s the last month of the year after all!! Are you ready for Day 4 of the 20 day music challenge? Of course you are! I am too! [sort of]

Day 4 – A song that makes you happy

Uh-wah, there are many songs that make me ‘happy’… wow… I realize that a lot of songs that I enjoy listening to have a lot of ‘sad’ implications or have sad lyrics… I’m not sure… I’m gonna go with another track that I know from a movie.

The movie in question today will be Pitch Perfect, because I await with MUCH IMPATIENCE the sequel to the movie. The song will be The Barden Bellas’ Finals [the lyrics can be found here I think], just because it shows just how far the Bellas have gone through, especially their leader, Aubrey. I love how, at the beginning of the song – and I think that Becca has ‘written’ it so that it would create such a reaction – was an ‘old-ish’ song, the type that the Bellas used to sing, so that it would dull their audience. Then, suddenly, they sing a series of even more upbeat and recent songs (sort of?) to counter the beginning. It’s a song that really reflects their progress and parallels with Becca’s progress as well.

Another song that just makes me smile, despite the fact that it doesn’t have any lyrics is Howl’s Moving Castle‘s theme song. It has great instruments and it always makes me smile just because Howl [I love both the Howl from the movie and the Howl from the original novel it was inspired from, they both have differences and similarities, it’s awesome, okay?].

It has a dancing tone to it, don’t you think? If I could dance, and wasn’t so maladroite with my feet, I would move in rhythm with the violins (I think they’re violins, forgive my untaught ears). It follows the song so well – it’s the theme song, after all, that you can’t help but want to watch the movie every time you listen to it!

All right, I’m sorry for the brief posts.
I mean, what am I supposed to talk about? It’s music!
Anyways, I’ll see you tomorrow! Stay safe!
v(。・ω・。)♪ – Ponyout! – v(。・ω・。)♪


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