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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 5)

by on December 21, 2014

December 17th, 2014 

How are y’all doin’ today? I trust you had a nice day! I’m hoping I have a good day as well!

Day 5 – A song that makes you sad/cry

As I have written for Day 4’s post, I have loads of songs that make me sad, that remind me of a sad moment either in my life or in a movie [and I hope that by now you know that I’m a highly sensitive person when I go to movies, so the characters’ sad moments become my sad moments; also, I’m sad more often than I am happy]. I know that you can’t see it here [it’s a post I made this last summer about my music player], but I do have a playlist of many songs that are sad and help me cope with my sadness. Let me fetch such list…

Petite Marie by Francis Cabrel speaks to me in depth. I first heard the song at a school concert [I think it was back in 2010, but I can’t be certain], and it resonated with me so much that it brought tears to my eyes. There aren’t lyrics that are suitably translated in English, and my understanding or interpretation of the song can be different, but here’s why I find it so sad. I guess it’s because Marie sounds like such an optimistic woman [even though she does seem to have her own fury-like moments] who seems to have enchanted the stars to sing for her, and who has the ability to embellish this guy’s life with at least a thousand of roses [I’m sure he’s exaggerating, but it’s a metaphor to say that she’s made him very happy, I guess?]. They [the narrator? and she] loved each other to such an extent that the celestial bodies in space would actually sing about them. But it’s not a happy song, despite it’s very soft melody, because the narrator (who comes from the sky), awaits her to leave, and yet, she’s not there. He’s lying there in the cold, waiting to leave, but in the end, did she abandon him? I don’t know, it’s just what I think. I hope she was just late. Maybe they were leaving for space, maybe they were going to heaven, maybe he was dying and, because he had to leave, he couldn’t see her anymore, which is why he keeps waiting, because she’s still alive, but he’s not. That makes it even sadder.

I have more sad songs, but for now, let’s just stick with one song.
imageTake good care of yourselves,
And see you tomorrow!
Ponyout‘s crying because you made her listen to the song againIt hurts so good! 


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