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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 12)

by on December 28, 2014

December 18th, 2014 

*waves* Hello!
How is everybody doing? Today is a good day, I believe. I’ve already written two blog posts for my Review blog, there’s snow outside, I’m almost finished knitting a scarf for a friend of mine, and I might think about going outside [nope, no, it’s not happening]. Today marks the 12th day of the 20 Day Music Challenge! ‘Eight more days to go,’ I think to myself!

Day 12 – Favorite early/mid 2000s song(s)

Wow. Did I tell you in my previous posts that I dislike years? It makes me feel old and also I don’t have a good memory for years, which means that I don’t know what songs came in which era/year, which means that I have to go and research. However, since my limited interest in songs and music sort of stemmed from those years, perhaps it will be much easier for me to pinpoint one or a few.

I’ve always liked Savin’ Me from Nickelback. I don’t care if he screams a little bit too much, I don’t care if people don’t like Nickelback. I like the song, it makes me sad and hopeful at the same time. I also love the MV. There’s simply something visually and audibly attractive to me to imagine an angel not being able to reach the gates of Heaven due to… complications [read the lyrics]. I love to imagine stories based on this song, just because it’s so appealing to me and because there are so many things that can be extracted from both the Official Music Video and the lyrics. I guess the song simply speaks to me because it’s sort of a cry for help, someone who’s asking for help [lyrics] or needs help [music video]. There’s a contrast between the song/lyrics and the music video in that, in the Music Video, people are able to save each other’s lives, but in the song, you still don’t know whether or not the ‘narrator’ was able to reach Heaven’s Gates or if he/she continues to fall or has reached an imminent impact of that fall at the end of the song.

Another song that I absolutely love and that speaks to me in the same way would be Kryptonite by Three Doors Down. The MV deserves mentions, I pitied the old man who used to be a superhero (it seems anyway) and who couldn’t “abandon the life”. The old man, although he looks frail and isn’t as good in a fight anymore, is still one of the morally strong characters. People keep making fun of him as he attempts to put a ‘criminal’ down, I was so glad when he really did succeed in his task (he looked so happy, too).

The Official Music Video obviously makes references to the superhero aspect of the song, although its meaning is somewhat different [although it does parallel]. I mean, when someone is ‘down’ and ‘goes crazy’, you don’t call them ‘Superman’ anymore [would you see that person as the way they used to be?], you see them as somewhat pitiful or you console them [would you consider them as a ‘shell’ of their previous selves?]. When that person is back on their feet, happy and successful once more, do you still hold their hand? Are you still there for them to celebrate their successes and their progress? Or perhaps are you there, looking at them and being jealous? It’s a really nice song that appeals to me with its melody but also its lyrics and the implications that the latter bring.

There are so many songs from the 2000s that I loved, but here were two of them, Here’s a little reminder that you can find the challenge right here, if you ever want to try the challenge out on your own blog!! Feel free to link me to the blog so I can check out what songs you’ve chosen!

I’ll see you tomorrow!


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