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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 13)

by on December 29, 2014

December 22nd, 2014

How-do-you-do, everybody?
It’s the 13th day of the 20 day music challenge! Aren’t you all excited?! I can see the end! I can see it! It leads right into the start of the semester, something I WISH not to see! *cowers under the blankets*

Day 13 – Favorite moment in any music award show

What. Just. Huh?

1) What’s this?! You’ve been asking me to name songs and artists all 12 days and now you…? What…
2) I don’t watch any award show, not even for shows or for movies, and now, I gotta nominate a good moment in an award show about music…? Okay let’s see…

On top of my head, and I’m not sure if this is suitable, but there was this one event this year, the VMA or MTV awards or something? I liked the moment when Nicki Minaj won and she passed right next to Superwoman, the YouTuber, who was vlogging the event. Superwoman was so freaking excited when it happened, it was cute [by the way, if you don’t know Superwoman yet, please go ahead and check out her YouTube Channel, she’s Canadian and she’s awesome].

She even met up with some of the stars [behind the scenes? Somewhere anyway] and she asked them questions about their would-be unicorn alter-ego and the color of their tails [mine would be pink, by the way, or pink and purple, or pink, white, black and purple… that’s one touch question… or maybe it would be rainbow coloured…].

Otherwise, there was this one moment with B2ST, actually, all of their performances [I hope this video stays up, it’s their performance at Melon Music Awards in 2011] – as far as I know – I’ve loved. Kpop stars have the greatest intro to their performances, seriously, I haven’t watched any in these recent years, but that year, 2011, was seriously great, hahaha. There were many more moments that I remember extremely vaguely, but am still fond of them.

They are great lead-ups to the main performances, and it’s really nice to see a ‘different spin’ on their albums, as far as I’m concerned anyway. I loved the ‘fighter/army’ game reference [you can tell that I’m completely unsure about what I’m talking about, I think it’s a Halo reference [or half life or something], but I’m not entirely sure, maybe it’s call of duty, but I’m pretty sure that’s not call of duty].

All right,
Have a great day everybody!!
See you tomorrow!!
( ・◇・)?Ponyta’s out?(・◇・ ) 

All right folks, that is all for Day 13,
I wish you a great day, and great celebrations!
I hope you’re gonna do great things next year!
We can do this! We can make it through this semester!
imagePonyta’s outimage


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