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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 16)

by on January 1, 2015

December 22nd, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE (who celebrates it),
How are you all doing?! What are you planning for this year? Are there any New Year’s Resolutions that you’re planning to take and stick to?! I sort of don’t… Hahaha, because I’m pretty sure I’d be unable to stick to my ‘promises’.

Day 16 – A song that would be the theme song to a TV show about your life

WHOA. JUST WHOA! THIS. THIS ONE! THIS THEME IS THE BEST EVER SO FAR I THINK, oh my goodness, what can I say? Which single song can I use? Can I use more than just one? Yeah, I’ll go ahead and use more than just one song, yep, all right! And I’ll try to use songs that I haven’t used before, too:

The first song is a song that I used to sing SO OFTEN, especially during high school and cegep (college?), just because it spoke to me to an incredible level [on the outside, I look like I’m crazy, or I simply do not act normally? But it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m crazy, or at least… I don’t think so… yet? On the other hand, I might be a little bit of a paranoid… because I can relate to this song so much, hahaha]. You might recognize its lyrics on this GIF. It’s Unwell by Matchbox20, it’s a great song.

Another song that I absolutely love is from DISNEY, and it’s from a movie that no one talks about ENOUGH! I’m Still Here from Treasure Planet. I like it most because I really like the movie and how it relates to it as well [I mean, even though the main character’s a dude and I’m not, these themes can apply to a horse on fire as well, all right?!].

So far anyway, these songs are what I feel I can relate to the most! Oh and maybe Walking Behind from The Moffatts, as well as Fiction from B2STMột Kiếp Phong Ba sang by Bảo Hân [because bro, sis, that song is BOSS when you understand its meaning, or just get how poetic it is, seriously], and Again and Again from 2PM, just because I also feel like I can relate somewhat.

That’s it for today!
Go ahead and spend the best first day of the year, let’s do this!
Meaning that I’m gonna spend it in front of my computer, for sure!
ヾ(@~▽~@)ノ ? Ponyout ヾ(@~▽~@)ノ ?


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