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20 Day Music Challenge (Day 19)

by on January 4, 2015

December 18th, 2014 

Greetings to all of you, and I hope you’re having a great beginning of the ‘western’ year!
How are you doing? I also hope that, by 2015, I’ll be having a better health, too… This is the second to last post about the 20 Day music challenge! WHO’S EXCITED?! I’m super excited, so without further ado, let us begin!

Day 19 – A song that you like when you were younger until now

I feel like I’ve probably talked about A LOT of oldies that I loved and still do when I was a child. So let’s try and think outside of the box, here. Something I have yet to mention!

Moonlight Densetsu from Sailor Moon. Yep. I still love that song, and, would you know? I can sing both the English version and the Japanese version almost equally well! I also learned the Moonlight Pride for Sailor Moon Crystal, but since I haven’t watched the anime in awhile, I don’t think I can sing it as well as Moonlight Densetsu. It’s just too good and too much a part of my childhood for me to forget.

I remember running home after school to make sure I didn’t miss an episode, and I even remember my mom writing down the lyrics for me to learn to sing along as the opening song came on. The lyrics sort of tell the story of two lovers [Endymion and Serenity, for sure] who are separated by fate but still are able to find each other in future lives. I think that in the beginning, Usagi is apologizing [only in her dream, because she can’t admit it out loud?] for being naive and for, perhaps, not being the princess that she was supposed to be. The song mirrors the Sailor Moon main story line pretty well, too!!

Meanwhile, the English version of the song, that aired with the censored English anime version, tells the story of a strong Sailor Moon who fights alongside her Sailor Scouts for love and justice. I really like that version also, because it also takes friendship into consideration!

I’m gonna end my post here.
imageWhat childhood song do you still like? I think that it’s very difficult for us not to like a song that we grew up with, so it’s probably tough to choose, too.
See you tomorrow for the last day!
Ponyta’s out! 


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One Comment
  1. mochirochi permalink

    Even though the original dub was censored, I really loved the music in it. I don’t remember the titles, but I remember that I loved singing to, “There will come a day, somewhere far away, in your arms I’ll stayyyyyy my only love!” and “Rainy day man, you’re much more than a friend. I would give anything, just to see you again!”

    So good.

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