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Spiderman in the MCU

by on February 11, 2015

February 10th, 2015

Hey everyone,
How are you all doing? Have you heard the news yet? I posted some news on my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, but here it is just in case: SPIDER-MAN IS GOING TO BE IN THE MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE. Since there’s no movie about it yet, I don’t feel right working on a post on my review blog, and since you already know that I’m OBSESSED with Superheroes, I would post my thoughts here:

I believe that – whether it was here on this blog or on my review blog, or on my Twitter, or on my Tumblr, or even on my Facebook, I’ve always been especially adamant about how I wanted Spider-Man with the Avengers, especially seeing as the Civil War storyline will be coming to our cinematic universe.

I’ve already said it, but I feel like perhaps I haven’t here or you might have forgotten or you might not know: Spider-Man is pretty important into the Civil War Storyline, because he is one of those few superheroes that sort of set things into motion [he IS still one of the only superheroes with a Secret identity in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (although I have written about Daredevil also being a pretty good addition to the cast of people with Secret identities)]. Some people sided with Iron Man because they had seen Spider-Man taking Tony Stark’s side instead of Captain America. Of course, full disclaimer that I am not 100% sure of my information here, I take it from the many videos I’ve watched, read the comics a little, watched cartoons and everything, and read, of course, the Wikipedia article. And I feel like a lot of comic readers agree: Spiderman is essential to the Civil War Storyline.

MARVEL can honestly do without SpiderMan in their MCU. I hear that they had two ‘scripts’ for Civil War, one with Spiderman, and one without, just in case SONY ends up not relinquishing the web-slinger to the shared universe. It would be incredible if superheroes could cross over into each other’s movies, REGARDLESS of the studios (with SONY and MARVEL for the moment). Of course, I would have LOVED for Andrew Garfield to still be Spiderman. I liked his quirk and his rendition of him, but I guess that if they keep him but reboot his storyline, then some fans might be confused, and it’s better for MARVEL to go as simple as possible for the MCU-only fans? I don’t know? I’m still bummed about potentially not seeing Andrew Garfield as Spidey anymore, but honestly, SONY better not mess things up, especially since Kevin Feige is gonna be there to help… [according to what I understand anyway]!! Will they be talking about Miles Morales? Will they still keep Peter Parker? I wonder… but yeah, this news is very exciting.

Concerning this, my friend D. said that she wanted the X-men in the mix also, so I’m going to add this to this post also. MARVEL even has replaced the X-men with the Inhumans (for now anyway). They’ve made the Inhumans a part of their shows (MARVEL’s Agents of SHIELD, and then MARVEL’s Agent Carter, because that Nikolai dude is obviously Inhuman, right? Right?!). I wonder if they’ll decide to do the same kind of deal with the mutants. I don’t think so though, just because the X-men encompass such a huge universe already, whereas Spiderman is just one superhero that they can add into their MCU. It would be so freaking awesome though if FOX did give us some slack.

Of course, there are repercussions on the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies… A lot of movies were pushed back because of the addition of Spidey, I believe. Here’s the updated list of the movies and their release dates here. I’m a little miffed that Black Panther will have his movie pushed back… but… I guess that’s a consequence to adding Spiderman…

For more information, you can always read this post from it. Here’s IGN‘s post about the news. Here’s also Mr. Sunday Movies‘s video about it, just so you get more, and Comics Explained‘s videoClevverMovies listed the Pros and Cons of the news and they even made a list of potential actors to play the new Spider Man and have covered the news wellClevver News even did yet another mention of this news in this video. And here’s CineFix‘s YouTube Video about the news, they speculate well about the next parts of Peter Parker and Spider Man. Of course, if this is a SpiderMan news, Variant Comics‘ Arris is going to make a video about itEmergency Awesome also made a pretty good video about everyone’s thoughts as well.

EDIT: February 12th, 2015: here’s a video from IGN reporting about the spidey news.

All right, well
That’s all for now.
I’ll see you later!
(*^◇^)_旦 –  Ponyta’s out  – 旦_(^◇^*)

  1. mochirochi permalink

    I think Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the only mutants showing up for the Avengers. I’d love for more, since they’re my favourite out of the Marvel bunch, but money seems to be more important than my own happiness. 😦

    • ah um… Yeah… FOX (Century FOX?) has had a lot more success with the X-men franchise (let’s not talk about the Fantastic Four because…) than SONY with the SpiderMan franchise (of course, that’s up for debate, but generally, I trust more the X-men to make a good movie than Spider Man nowadays). So I don’t think FOX will be giving up the MUTANT ‘kind’ to MARVEL any time soon. As for QuickSilver and Scarlet Witch who appear in the Avengers, I think they’re ‘Inhumans’ in the MCU (until the mutants can ‘come home’ to Marvel again). 😉 but yeah. IF ONLY EVERYTHING WAS SHARED UNIVERSE! I WOULD LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

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