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Obsessions – Quizzes (22)

by on February 28, 2015

November 11th, 2014 

Hey there everyone,
I hope that everybody is doing well, I myself am a bit less stressed. I had an exam and an oral presentation due today, and boy do I have a lot of weight lifted from my shoulders. Now I must prepare for next week’s oral presentation, this week’s final, as well as write a little bit for NANOWRIMO [I’m currently at 27k words, and it’s NOT BAD for the 11th day of the month, I’m just saying].

At any rate, I realized that my supply of quizzes and results here have dwindled to a complete and utter stop, so I decided to introduce you to this new quiz that I heard about earlier today.

It’s the 50 characters most mentioned in The Lord of the Rings [link]. Now, I didn’t read the book, I only watched the movies… a LONG time ago, which is why I could only name about 10 when I started… can you do any better? Hahaha post in the comments below your result! Let me feel less like a moron, hahaha.

See you next time!

image Ponyout image


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