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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 3)

by on November 4, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Hey there!
Here’s the prompt for Day 3:

Day 3: What kind of person attracts you? 

HMMMMMMMM That’s a good question?!

I’ve never really had a boyfriend – or a girlfriend – so I don’t know what kind of person attracts me?

Let’s see… someone who can wear a suit and wear glasses… I guess these are signs of success and intelligence in my weird brain.

But really, someone I can be comfortable communicating with? Someone who’s patient enough to wait for me to find the right words to say, I guess. Someone with whom I can be comfortable with.

…I’m probably just thinking of people I can be friends with… but isn’t that the best? To start off as friends first, and then to move further if your relationship naturally moves further. That’s what I prefer anyway? But I don’t have that many friends, and those are not men, either, so haha.

Watch me marrying a person who fits the opposite of everything I list as my criterion. (If I marry at all).


All right,
That’s it for me!
imagePonyta’s out! image


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