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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 4)

by on November 4, 2015

October 12th, 2015

Salut, everybody!
How is the month coming along for you? I hope you’re all ready for your assignments, exams, and everything! Today’s prompt for the 30 day challenge is the following:

Day 4: What you wear to bed? 

*blank stare* Pajamas? And in what season? What time of the year? I don’t wear the traditional pajamas that people seem to wear in movies or tv shows? Also: do I really have to answer a question like that…?!


During the winter, I usually just wear a hoodie that I reserve for bedtime [that is, that it hasn’t been sullied by the outside], jogging pants [those follow the same guidelines as well] and comfortable fluffy socks which sometimes just get lost under the blankets while I’m sleeping, because I toss and turn a lot, haha.

During the summer, I just wear t-shirts that haven’t been worn outside – because pollen. and I have allergies – and shorts, and comfortable socks, and those also get loose, haha. Sometimes, when I went to bed, I would choose not to wear the socks, but it just makes me feel uncomfortable sometimes.

All right, people!
I’ll see you all tomorrow,
Hopefully, it’s a much… less weird question?


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