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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 5)

by on November 5, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How’s it going since yesterday? Yep, we’re going to be continuing that 30 days challenge that we started yesterday! Today’s prompt is the following:

Day 5: five things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex 

All right, let’s see… I am not sure of the things that I’ve against these people… Let me try, all right?

So about the women…
1. I don’t like that they seem to turn on each other the moment they figure out that they share the same significant other, or that they like the same person… There’s nothing wrong with liking someone, but why turn on each other the moment you figure out that you’ve the same taste? I’m looking at you, Betty and Veronica. Why let a man ruin your friendship? Friendships can be forever, and a romantic relationship, I’m sorry, it seems to me like they’re much more fleeting than friendships. Of course that might just be me and my idealism, I haven’t quite lived enough, I guess, in order to feel those intense emotions that they talk about in novels, and shows, if they do exist at all.

And now, about the men… [in no particular order…]
1. I know that media just portrays them as that, and that there’s a huge variety, but I’m watching these specific movies right now and I’m watching these shows… and so, I don’t like that they’re portrayed as people who are clearly only obsessed about s@x…?
2. I guess the whole thing about how, after you’ve gone on a date or after some of them have been nice to you, they expect you to fall for them, be head over heels for them and/or to be automatically in a relationship. I’m sorry if I’m not one who dives into those after two dates, man… And also: just because I’m ‘nice’ to you doesn’t mean that I’m interested. Sorry, I try to be nice to everyone. Or grumpy to everyone. I try not to discriminate (unless you’ve done something to deserve it, of course).
3. The fact that not all men wear suits well [can you tell I’m just fishing and trying to be vague here?! I can’t think of a lot of things… I’m completely uninspired at the moment]. I mean, their sole purpose in this life is to look good, peacock, make babies, right? Well, please, if males from all animal species have to look good for the females to get attracted, put on a suit [I’m only half-sarcastic on this point, because I really do have a thing for suits, as established before…].
4. The fact that, every time that I go outside, I gotta be careful, because the previous generations of men have set a bad example and a bad impression on me [okay sure, it’s more accurate to say: there’s a lot of good people out there too, but it doesn’t help, I do feel more wary when walking close to or around male-looking fellows]. I mean, yeah, it could also be because of my extremely intense paranoia, or because my parents have been spreading that propaganda on me at a young age, but it’s sort of true, it’s difficult to walk around at night without being scared of rapists, dragons, and other.
5. Don’t mention that because I’m in angry, I’m on my period. No. Please. Stop. No.

imageAll right, sorry, I couldn’t do it right…
See you tomorrow, I’m so sorry
I can’t do the hating when I am asked to do it…
I bet I’ll be able to point these things out really quickly another day…
Ponyta’s out 


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