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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 8)

by on November 8, 2015

October 11th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How’s it going since yesterday? Yep, we’re going to be continuing that 30 days challenge that we started yesterday! Today’s prompt is the following:

Day 8: Something you’re currently worried about

On the eighth day of November my worry is today: reaching my goal for Nanowrimo, of course! And of course, the 8th day means that I still have 22 days that I can use to my advantage, of course, so this stress… it feels like the stress is very irrational, but I do tend to put a lot of stress on myself…

As the years keep going, I have more and more workload coming along in terms of how many students I have now, and that’s just… very difficult…

Not only that, but I’ve recently been stressing about posting my Incompetent Lover comic strips on time [shameless plugs right here], as well as the Project Theta, and writing down the reviews of QuanticoMARVEL’s Agents of SHIELDMARVEL’s Jessica Jones (it hasn’t started yet, though, so you just know that this stress is pretty early already), Once Upon a Time, and even Garo: Guren no Tsuki [on my review blog], and whatever other shows that I might decide to pick up later on… I’m a bit scared about all this commitment that I’m giving myself…

And then, on the very long term, I’m worried about whether or not after getting my degree, I’m qualified to work wherever I will/want to work to, and if it would be okay for me to continue studying in order to get higher degree… I don’t know… Haha, it’s probably my self-doubt thing speaking.

I worry. A. Lot. 

And that’s it for today!
I’ll see you tomorrow!
Please have fun today!
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