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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 9)

by on November 9, 2015

October 12th, 2015

Hey there everybody!
How’s it going since yesterday? Yep, we’re going to be continuing that 30 days challenge that we started yesterday! Today’s prompt is the following:

Day 9: Your last kiss 

This makes me laugh, because if you consider this as a lips-on-lips kiss? I haven’t done that ever [I mean, I don’t have a boyfriend, I’ve never had a girlfriend/boyfriend, so I haven’t had that experience… not that you have to have a boyfriend/girlfriend to kiss/make out, I guess, but… shouldn’t it be special? or not… I’m conflicted…]. I don’t even understand the whole mechanics of kissing, and how it looks so weird in real life but looks all right when it’s in cartoons (okay well obviously it’ll look good animated). I mean, look at this gif and tell me the mechanics of kissing. And what’s the whole thing about moving the mouth? And what about the noses?! And what about the tears? And how do you breathe? IT’S SO ODD (for me anyway, as I said, I’ve never experienced it). (I’ll stop now).

The last time I kissed someone on the cheek was yesterday, at the hospital. That’s how a lot of the elderly greet each other… and us… and that’s also how they thank us, so… yeah… ?

All right, that was so quick,
I’m so sorry for being boring,
but I’m not that boring, so…
I’ll see you tomorrow!
image Ponyta’s out image 


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