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30 days challenge (About me 1) (Day 10)

by on November 10, 2015

October 12th, 2015

Salutations to everyone!
How are y’all? I hope you’re doing well! This is day 10 of the 30 day challenge! And you know what, it doesn’t seem like it’s going so well!

Day 10: Your views on alcohol and drugs 

I don’t personally like the use of alcohol; to the point where my family members tried, at two different times in my life so far, to convince me to drink. I drank champagne once, when I was in high school, in celebration for winning a writing contest, but you know what? It was just a sip, and I didn’t really like it that much… I know that some people can drink, but I don’t commend people who can’t stand their drinks and keep drinking anyway. I can understand why people want to unwind using alcohol, but I cannot commend it when people become aggressive and violent with others.

I have the same thoughts on drugs, I mean, why. Why would you… I’ve never used drugs, though so… I can’t really even understand the people who would want to do drugs? If you really need it, yeah, experiment, but you gotta understand that you might get addicted! AND THAT’S BAD!

Also… both of those things cost money [right?! especially if you get addicted… you gotta buy beer, or wine, champagne… and then, what if you also get addicted to drugs… and according to things like Orphan Black, you gotta pay a lot for drugs, and that’s for like, one dose only?! And what if you get in trouble for using drugs and alcohol?! You gotta pay fines! And you gotta pay for hospital bills (well, Canada has free stuff, but not everything is covered, right?!) if something happens to you WHILE you’re high…!!!], and you just know that I’m a person who doesn’t like to waste money on these things (except if it’s on chips… you’ll see why later, haha). So mostly, my thoughts on alcohol and drugs? It’s probably that they’re a waste of money, and that I’m not willing to risk my already REALLY bad health (due to poor posture, and poor life choices) for these kinds of life choices…

All right, I keep lecturing, so I’ll stop!
See you all tomorrow!


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